Sunday, 11 August 2019

Happy Birthday, DR TOOT !

As you can see, my big sis, Zara skipped her turn again !!! She is definitely getting old… 😸

We had a very busy week, especially daddy…went out a lot for playing the tuba with different groups. Speaking of daddy, he had his birthday this week. He turned 63 years young on Thursday as you might have seen on our instagram.  The DR TOOT Team cerebrated his birthday with a very nice cake. He had another surprise in the evening. He had a concert that night with MCB (Manukau Concert Band) and the conductor, Tom announced his birthday at the front of audience ! The band played “Happy Birthday” and daddy was soooo happy !!!

The Team would like to thank everyone who involved the NZCBA Festival in Auckland this year. We were the one of sponsors and the DR TOOT Team had a pop up store at the event. Also, thank all customers who visited us during the festival. Daddy, mummy, Taka and Jordan were there and happy to see lots of customers 😊Zara and I were pleased too….we did not have to stay at the cat hotel this time 😼

Well, after the festival, the team has been very busy with lots of repairs and mummy has been busy with preparing for another event, Clarinet Weekend, which is happening in two weeks time.

We received a new shipment from Briccialdi Flutes in Italy on Tuesday. Then, one of the student model 203 flutes found a new home in Havelock North next day. The same day, the pre-loved Jupiter trumpet left for a new home in Auckland.

On Saturday, one of our customers, who bought a clarinet and alto sax from us before, purchased the pre-loved Yanagisawa tenor saxophone this time. It will be leaving for a new home on Monday. Happy customer and Happy Alfa 😺

Then, a customer who, phoned up us yesterday, visited us earlier today with her daughter. She wanted to try one of the pre-loved clarinets. She played the Yamaha YCL650 well and left here with the clarinet…another happy customer and Happy Alfa 😺

Even today, daddy had a rehearsal with MSO (Manukau Symphony Orchestra) in the afternoon. Well, Zara is happy as daddy will be at home in the evening 😊

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Goodies in Goodies out

It’s been nice winter weather here in Auckland. It sounds that my big sis, Zara had a very good sales week last week…I had a good one too this week 😸

A gorgeous pre-loved Holton double French Horn (nickel silver finish) arrived at DR TOOT on Tuesday. Daddy serviced, set up and tested…and it has found a new home after a couple of days later in Auckland. The new young owner was very happy with the condition and sound !

The same day, one of our pre-loved Yamaha clarinets has found a new home. It has gone to another young muso in Auckland.

Then, earlier today, a lady, who made an appointment with mummy and daddy, visited us for the saxophone trial. She was interested in one of our pre-loved Yamaha alto sax and tried the YAS475 and loved it. She has left with the saxophone and smile 😊

Yes, you can visit us during weekends - please make sure to arrange the time with mummy or daddy in advance !

Lots of new stuff have arrived from overseas….new Backun Vocalise Bb clarinet mouthpieces from Canada, Bambu cleaning swabs for alto sax, tenor sax, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and bassoon from Argentina, pads from Italy, accessories from Australia….mummy was busy sorting them out 😸

It was the 2nd week for the new repair apprentice, Jordan - he seems doing very well. Zara and I witnessed, hehehehe πŸ˜„

My high light for this week was our annual checkups at our vet on Saturday. It’s good to be checked up but Zara and I do not like how human checks up our temperature….more painful than needles ! Anyway, we are happy to know that both of us are fine and healthy πŸ˜‰

Another busy week is coming up as the team will be at the NZ Concert Band Festival (2-4 August) as we are one of the sponsors and are having a pop up store !!! I wish I could be there to support the team  πŸ™€πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Έ

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Welcome Jordan to DR TOOT !!!

The last time I spoke you, my wonderful followers I mentioned that I was not seeing much of my daddy. He was away all the time rehearsing and playing with different bands prior to the Contest. As Alfa mentioned The Mighty Howick Brass Band came in second in the National Brass Band Championship. With all the work the band did meant that daddy didn’t have to go to rehearsal on Wednesday night. I have my daddy back!! Daddy still had to go to concert band on Monday but I have him for the rest of the week…NOT!!!! On Tuesday he was out for a meeting which meant he was out Monday and Tuesday night. Oh well……

On Monday morning I had a surprise. We had a new person with a DR TOOT uniform walk into our house. Moments later, Masaru and Taka arrived. Who is this new person?? His name is Jordan and he is here to learn about repairing musical instruments. So now we have a new person and he seems very nice and I think he likes me. Good choice 😸

This week I had the magic touch….On Monday a Briccialdi flute found a new home in the South Island. On Wednesday a pre loved Buffet clarinet found a new home here in Auckland. On Thursday a new beautiful Kanstul Bb/F Trombone found a home with the President of the Howick Brass Band.

Wow, I am so GOOD 😊 On Friday a customer who has been here many times and has bought many instruments from us, added to his collection and bought a new Alpha Backun Clarinet. Our Alfa was very pleased with that and for me it was one less Alfa in the house....πŸ˜€

More goodies have arrived from overseas and mummy spent much of the day packing the repaired instruments to be ready for the courier to pick them up as Schools will start on Monday for the beginning of Term 3.

Well that’s about all from me. Daddy had another concert today and is getting prepared the National Concert Band Festival early next month…and near his birthday…. Be good everybody ! 😺

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Well Done, Howick Brass !!!

Hello, everyone…you may notice that my big sis Zara skipped her turn last week. I guess she is getting old πŸ˜€ She said to me that she was not in the mood…Oh, dear…

Well, it’s my turn now even though Zara wanted to do today…too bad, she has lost her turn and it is my turn 😺 She wasn’t happy anyway that daddy left for the brass band championship in Hamilton Wednesday night. Daddy played the tuba with Howick Brass and they became the 2nd in the C Grade - Well done, guys !!!

Daddy was supposed to come back this morning, but in fact, he came back last night ! Zara was soooooooooo happy to see him. She thought that daddy came back earlier for her…yahhhh, right 😊

During daddy’s absence, Masaru and Taka were very busy with repairs/services on instruments from schools and private customers. Instruments are arriving in and they are lined up…waiting for the turn. If your instruments need some attention, please do not leave too long.  Organize, organize…organization is the key of Alfa….ah, no, Life 😲

Well, another busy week is ahead at DR TOOT….and a new face will be seeing us from tomorrow. Zara and I will see how it goes, but I am sure that Zara will report to everyone…if she is in the mood !!! 😸😸😸

PS Another photo of Me and Heater ! 😘

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Keep clam and warm !

We had a beautiful winter weather everyday here in Auckland. It has been cold, but clean blue sky up there 😊

The boys have been very busy at workshop. Lots of instruments keep coming including big jobs as you might have seen on our facebook or instagram page. Mummy is busy taking photos of instruments. I am here for her to make sure she takes good shots everyday…you know 😸

The boys are also gearing up for instruments to come is very soon as this coming week spells the end of term 2 and students will be having 2 weeks off school. This usually means many instruments coming in for service so don’t be late in getting yours in. We also get some sales… never know. 
My turn at the blog will be the end of the first week of the school holidays….magic paws 🐾🐾🐾

More saxophone pads have arrived from Italy. At DR TOO we only use the best quality of pads from Italy. It doesn’t matter if you have a student or professional flute, clarinet or saxophone, we use the best pads for everything!  

Also, a pre-loved Marcato Euphonium and another Yanagisawa alto sax A902 with silver plated neck has arrived and been serviced and listed on our website.

Daddy has been busy with practising tuba for the brass bands national contest in July in Hamilton. He is huffing and puffing away upstairs. There will be bands from all around New Zealand gathering in Hamilton and this year daddy will be marching. This time daddy will be using a kangaroo style harness. Don’t tell daddy but he looks a bit funny in it πŸ˜‹

Keep warm my furry friends. Until next time !!!

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Has anybody seen my Daddy?

I’m a very patient girl as I know all of you know. Daddy is stretching my patience. He was out again on Monday night with concert band rehearsal, Tuesday evening at another brass band rehearsal showing the tuba harness to the tuba members, Wednesday evening at Howick Brass. I put my paw down and said “Daddy, that’s enough!!! ”

On Saturday, he was off to Howick Brass for marching and contest rehearsal and today in a combined concert with Howick Brass and SGI Band where Taka was a guest conductor and soloist. Mummy thinks she is single and showing too much drama, Alfa has trouble remembering one day from another, so that doesn’t matter. πŸ™€

Please daddy….slow down and pay more attention to ME😻

This week has been a very busy week in the shop. We received a Yamaha YAS62 Alto Sax from Japan that has some extra special features on it and this beautiful saxophone is only available in Japan, so we feel very lucky to have this as our stock item for sale. Taka serviced it and it is now ready for some lucky person to own this little beauty.

On Thursday a customer came in and tried a lovely Briccialdi flute. After a few minutes of playing it, he fell in love with and bought it. He was a very happy man. On Saturday, a family came to our shop, late in the day and their son tested a pre-loved Buffet R13 Clarinet. Again after a little time he was pretty happy and the family walked away with a Buffet Clarinet. Two quality instruments sold under my watch. Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy 😊😺😸

Mummy has been busy today doing all Daddy’s chores as he has been away playing with bands. Cleaning house, ironing, washing shop rags, drying and folding and making dinner. Daddy will have to eat humble pie for awhile, so you see its not only me that is complaining with issues about daddy.

Lets see what this coming week brings…….

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Alfa Rocks !!!

Just one word…”Unbelievable”. Lots of instruments keep coming in at DR TOOT…while I am curing up and sleeping under a blanket 😸

Everyday different courier drivers come and drop off something or customers come early morning and early evening…it’s goooood thing and exciting !!!

Three pre-loved saxophones arrived from Japan.  One of them was a Yamaha YAS32 alto saxophone - it was serviced, set up and tested by Taka. Mummy took photos of the sax and was going to be listed on website…and a customer, who visited us a few weeks ago, came back again and left with the saxophone on Wednesday…ummmm, it was such a short stay with us 😼

On Tuesday, our pre-loved Yamaha Custom trombone found a new home via Trade Me in Wellington. The customer is very happy with the trombone and has left a very kind feedback on Trade Me…Many thanks 😊😊😊

Thursday was another crazy day…some instruments arrived for repairs/services including an emergency baritone sax repair ! In the morning, a pre-loved Selmer Paris Odyssee Bb clarinet found a new home and left for Invercargill. It should be delivered to the new owner on Monday ! Yes, I am Alfa…Princess Alfa and I rock, hehehehe 😺

My sis Zara was not impressed with Daddy….again this week as he was out almost every night. He was busy playing the tuba with different bands. He had a concert with AWO today, which wasn’t planned but he was asked…Daddy was happy as it went well 😎

Hope that everyone had a wonderful week and weekend..til my next turn, see yah !