Sunday, 20 January 2019

Blue Blue Sky…

Beautiful clear blue sky…I enjoy it very much 😸 As you know, I am still on a leash but that’s life and that’s ok…cool 😎 Lots of roses at the backyard and birds are singing…they are laughing at me 😹

The workshop has been very busy - the team, with heads down bums up, tries to finish the schools’ instruments service/repair soon. More instruments have arrived from private customers and also daddy and mummy picked up a few more instruments from one of the music stores in Auckland on Saturday !

On Wednesday, a mother and son visited DR TOOT. The son plays the clarinet and wanted to try our pre-loved Yamaha Custom CX clarinet. He loves the sound and left here with the new clarinet😸 Happy Tooting from the team !!!

The same day, two more Briccialdi intermediate model flutes arrived safely from Italy. We hope that they will find their new home soon ! Also, there was another parcel from Japan. Two pre-loved oboes have arrived safely, which were ordered by one of the schools in Invercargill. If you are looking for an instrument and you cannot find anything you like on our website, please contact us - then we will try to find one for you !

A big box arrived at DR TOOT on Thursday. It was a full of clarinet and saxophone Vandoren and Legere reeds, which mummy were waiting for. Yes, now DR TOOT has another online shopping store called Kane Single Reed Boutique (KSRB), which sells clarinet and saxophone reeds only. Please visit  which was created mummy with my assistance….hehehehe.  If you are looking for clarinet reeds or sax reeds, this is the one stop shop for all your reeds πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜Έ

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Very Hot, Yes I am……

This year started off wet and wild, but now has settled into a very hot one. When other cats in our area say “Hey Zara, you are hot”. I say “I know”! I am hot to look at and it is so hot outside. Either way….I’m Hot. Nowadays I am sleeping in the shade amongst the roses where I look my best. Even with this heat, I must keep up my appearances. Alfa too has been acting out as an outdoor cat spending most of each day outside, but on a leash of course. 😸

This week was the first full working week of the year. The boys were on deck on Monday and everybody worked very hard till tools were down at the end of Friday. So many instruments were done and still so many more to do for the next 2 weeks till school starts for the new year.

Taka has the flutes under control and is working on other woodwind instruments. Masaru is working hard on the many alto, tenor and baritone saxophones still in the shop. Daddy has caught up with all the brass and is assisting in the cleaning of all the remaining instruments. Mummy is still pumping out invoices and will shortly be checking all instruments before they are returned to the various schools. Mummy is also our Quality Control Person 😎

This week, we received a small shipment of instruments from Japan. Included with this shipment were 2 Yamaha YCL650 wooden clarinets. One of the clarinets was sold within 24 hours of it arriving. They both look brand new but of course, both are pre-loved. The customer came here and with little time spent, bought the clarinet which was beautifully serviced and set up by Masaru, and was very, very  happy. Many accessories too arrive from overseas including many reeds. Alfa I am sure will be sharing some special news about reeds soon. Watch this space !

Anyways, its back to some R&R and to prepare myself for another week. Stay cool Everybody……
I'm HOT!!! πŸ˜»πŸ™€πŸ˜Έ

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Happy New Year and Happy Tooting in 2019 !

After 5 days off again, the team is back and started working on Thursday. Zara and I are quite happy to be back to our normal routine J

Mummy and daddy seem that they had relaxing and quite New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day…and Rico memorial day on the 2nd.

The workshop is still full of instruments and the team must complete all schools instruments by the end of this month. So, we are not taking any instruments for repairs/services from private customers unless you can wait till February. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Mummy and daddy had a few guests this afternoon. Two trumpet players, who are daddy’s old friends who played with daddy in the early days of the APO. They tried the Kanstul trumpets and they were so impressed with the trumpets.  One of the trumpet players teaches at many schools in Auckland and the other in Wellington. The house was full of beautiful trumpet music.

We had a very nice weather here in the weekend. I could spend some times outside with Zara….and of course, with my friend, leash. Hope that everyone is having an awesome new year so far !😺😸😸

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Merry Christmas Everybody....from Queen Zara!!!!

This year we decided to take more time off work than in previous years, which meant having Monday off.  The weather was very so-so and was a prelude on what was to come. Last minute buying of cat food and some other goodies were purchased on Monday. 

Alfa has been sleeping under the Christmas tree everyday since the tree was put up. I am not sure if it is because she is looking for a present or because she thinks she is a present. Anyways, on Christmas Eve we were both treated to a lovely meal which  dissolved within minutes of it arriving in our plates. Thanks Alfa.

Christmas morning arrived. A special breakfast for mummy and daddy and Alfa and me. The weather was….shocking!!!! We couldn’t go outside at all as the rain and wind were so strong. Mummy and daddy stayed inside all day watching Christmas movies on their  TV. Daddy and mummy talked to Kathryn who is in the UK. Christmas day in NZ and Christmas Eve in the UK. I don’t get it. New Zealand isn’t behind everyone in the world. We are ahead ! 

On Boxing Day a lady came to our home with her son to look and what new clarinets we had for sale. After a bit of time, the young boy fell in love with the Backun Clarinet. It was the Alpha model which Alfa believes was named after her. I don’t think so!! The Backun Clarinet sounds better and looks much better then Alfa. Nothing more needs to be said.

On Thursday it was back to normal. Whatever normal is at DR TOOT. Taka and Masaru had a good Christmas and were excited to get back to work….hahaha. Taka, still working on flutes and Masaru on saxophones. Daddy was still working on Brass instruments and has now completed all brass instruments. Mummy was kept busy invoicing and sending out orders.

Friday was a very busy day and the sun was out and starting to look like summer. Because it was the last working day of this year, we all had a BBQ dinner. We also celebrated Taka’s 23rd birthday as it was on Saturday 29th.

Saturday and today have been mummy and daddy stuff as we have been cooped up all day inside. We really don’t know what they are up to, but it doesn’t involve us and daddy doesn’t always share this to me. Well there are only 1 day left of this year which Alfa I am sure will share with you. 

I am looking forward in my views and heart filled thoughts with you in 2019. Happy New Year to you all and thank you for all your kind thoughts and wishes for me only 😸

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Tooting from the Team !

This week started with awesome summer weather. It was soooo busy on Monday ! Lots of phone calls and customers visited us. Zara and I were so amazed J We saw a few familiar faces…one of them was Selmer Paris artist, Michael Jamieson. It was so good to see him again !

One of pre-loved flutes found a new home in Wattles Down on Monday. The father came here to purchase it for his daughter…it will be a Christmas present for her. Zara and I wish that she will love it and it will bring her a lots of sweet memories J Also, another brand new Briccialdi flute has found a new home in Tauranga…cooool J

The weather seems to be still changeable…On Wednesday, we had thunder here again ! It was very frightening for me and I stayed in mummy’s office J Even though, a few customers visited us and one of them was a mother and son, who visited us on Tuesday. The son tried the Selmer Seles “Axos” alto saxophone and came back to purchase it - goody goody gumdrops gumdrops J

Then, another Selmer has found a new home in Auckland too. One of our customers, who tried the Series ll tenor sax the other day, came back and picked it up on Friday ! Oh, well…we have sold out all brand new Selmer Paris saxophones for the first time….see, I am Alfa, Princess Alfa…I make it happen J

Mummy had to order the Selmer Paris saxophones urgently…. and YES, they are coming - the Axos and Series lll alto saxes will be here by the end of January !!! Also, we have ordered the Reference 54 alto and tenor POA (Antique Finish) and bass clarinet - they would be here in March J

This week was the last week of before Christmas…more instruments have arrived for repairs and services from around the country. Also, more instruments have arrived from one of schools in Tauranga !

Friday after work, the team had drinks & nibbles J Of course, Zara and I joined the team ! Then, just before 7.00pm, a father, a mother and a daughter arrived at DR TOOT. The daughter wanted to try our pre-loved Hans Hoyer French Horn ! The French Horn had a few interests but she tried it and loved the sounds…well, they left here with the horn J

We will have a 5 days off work and back on the 27th and 28th ! We wish you all Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Tooting !!! Have a safe and relaxing holidays JJJ

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Humanoids everywhere!!!!

I’m here with daddy now doing my blog. I’m not too happy as daddy has asked me to come inside to share my views. The sun is shining and I am working on my tan. Oh well, here we go…..The weather this week has been so tangible. Rain, wind sunshine, rain, rain, lightning and thunder. Come on! Give us a break and let summer come. I’m a bit grumpy about the weather and daddy.

On Monday night, mummy and daddy went out to an end of the year dinner with the Manukau Concert band at a local restaurant. On Tuesday night, daddy was out for a Howick Brass committee meeting. On Wednesday night, daddy was out at Howick Brass Bands final rehearsal for the year. I put my paw down and told daddy that he had to stay home tonight. That didn’t last long because mummy and daddy were out of Friday night to an ex student’s 21st Birthday party. That evening there was thunder and lightning which really scared Alfa, leaving me here to calm her down. Not Happy!!! πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‘πŸ˜€

I told daddy to stay home on Saturday night and he agreed. What he didn’t tell me that over 50 people were coming over and Alfa and I would be locked into mummy and daddy’s bedroom. WOW…..REALLY NOT HAPPY!!!!! You see, Mummy and daddy were hosting for the third year, the Howick Brass, end of the year BBQ at our house, and seemingly, too ashamed for me to be present. Today daddy has been very kind to me and explained everything with many sorries… which I still haven’t accepted πŸ˜†

This week in the shop has been very very busy with repairs coming in from schools and private musicians. The only musical instrument sale was a pre-loved flute which we sold today. Many accessories have been shipped all around New Zealand though.

I am sorry that this blog is short, but I have had an uneasy week. Just a little sleep and a little too much Alfa. Just over a week till Christmas. Have you been a good cat????😼

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Oh, so scary….

Yep, I am talking about thunder !!! We had lightning and thunder here again…really strange weather.

Monday, mummy took photos and listed three pre-loved instruments (Yamaha piccolo, clarinet and cornet) on our website, instagram and facebook…etc. One of our customers saw the Yamaha cornet on our facebook page and she purchased it via our website - It was so fast…faster than my run JJJ

On Monday and Friday, daddy went to two schools in Auckland and picked up more instruments from them. You guess it…now the workshop is a full of instruments. This coming week, he is going to another school to collect more instruments J As you might notice by now, unfortunately we do not have an assistant this year. Yes, the team of three (daddy, Masaru and Taka)…and of course, me and Zara...and mummy J must organize well and get through this summer holiday !!!

On Thursday, I saw a familiar face again…mother and son from Whangarei J They came here a few month ago and left with one of our tenor sax and the mother was here with a daughter just the other day. That time, they left with a piccolo J This time, the son wanted to try our clarinets. He tried a few clarinets (played very well J) and they left with a Buffet R13 clarinet….meow meow meow !

Well, the weird weather continued but it was fine in the weekend finally. Mummy enjoyed the concert which was on at the St Andrew’s Church just around corner from us. There were Auckland Wind Orchestra, Manukau Concert Band (daddy played the tuba) and St Andrew’s Big Band.

Busy daddy played the tuba twice (PM and evening concerts) yesterday, and he went to play the tuba with Manukau Concert Band again today. It was a beautiful day here, Howick and I hope that everyone enjoyed the 65th Howick Santa Parade today !