Sunday, 22 July 2018

My Daddy is BACK!!!!

It seemed like years, but it was only five days. My daddy as you know was away playing with the Howick Brass Band that won the C Grade Championship for New Zealand. I am so proud of My daddy but not happy that he was gone for that long time. This week I have been making sure that he is always in my view. Daddy is normally out every Monday and Wednesday evening, but this week he was home every night. I like to think that it was because he missed me, but I think he missed mummy more. Still….Mummy’s gain was my gain too 😸

This week was the last week of the school holidays before term 3 starts. Taka and Masaru did well in the shop last week and very well this week. Mummy checked in often to make sure everybody was working hard and reported back to Alfa and me. Taka is still getting through a mountain of flutes  and saxophones and Masaru working hard on clarinets and saxophones. Daddy has been working on cornets, trombones, trumpets and other brasswinds. Mummy is simply working hard as always. You see, we girls just work hard and don’t complain. Mummy is busy with the invoices, packing out orders, doing sales and trying to keep daddy and the boys focused on the jobs they are supposed to be doing. Not an easy task but that what us girls do! Even Alfa is trying to stay away from being in front of the computer screen while mummy is working.😼

This week, the usual amount of repairs and accessories sales came in and out of the shop. On Thursday, a young man, his brother and mum, came into the shop to look at alto saxophones. On Wednesday night the boy saw a picture that mummy had taken of a Conn 6M Vintage Alto Sax we had for sale. He instantly fell in love with the picture, so decided to come a play to see if it sounded as good as it looked. After about an hour or so, he fell madly in love with it and his mummy bought it. The sax was older then daddy and maybe in better shape. Please don’t tell daddy that I said that.πŸ™€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Έ

Time to go I think. The weather is sunny then raining then sunny and cold then warm…. So changeable like Alfa’s thinking…..oh well.😁

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Congrats, Howick Brass !!!

Another very busy week started here at DR TOOT.

On Monday, two parcels arrived – one of them had a special order by one of our customers. It was a very stylish Bam Panther cabin case for tenor saxophone.  Another parcel was from Briccialdi Flutes in Italy, and we have received more flutes for stock. School holidays have started and we received some instruments for repairs and services.

Then, a mother and daughter who live near here, visited us to try one of Briccialdi flutes. The daughter tried the model 7714 and loved the sound. They left with the flute and happy smile 😸

Tuesday, another mother and daughter came to see us with her clarinet which was purchased from us a few years ago. The Yamaha clarinet was an old model and it required a lot of work…Daddy recommended to be upgraded, they went to the showroom upstairs, daughter tested the Yamaha wooden clarinet YCL650…we took her old clarinet as trade-in (Yes, we do trade-in 😊) and left with her new clarinet - Another happy customer πŸ˜‰

Wednesday morning, daddy left for the NZ Brass Band Championships in Blenheim with other Howick Brass members.  Zara wasn’t happy at all and she curled up at the corner of sofa and she ignored daddy…oh, well 😼

While daddy was away, mummy and boys…and me and Zara were busy ! Some instruments have arrived for repairs and services. Zara and I made sure everything was fine and going smooooth 😸

We also watched Howick Brass was playing on live stream. Well done, Howick Brass…they won Championship of C Grade Bands - Huge Congratulations from the DR TOOT Team !!! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† We are so proud of all members…especially, our daddy who played the tuba…played very well !!! 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Howick Brass…..Bring it On !!!

Yes, it’s cold, grey outside and all I want to do is sleep. I have my large black cushion on the couch where I relax and meditate. I wish for things and events. I wish for many things, but Alfa is still here.

Oh well, I will keep wishing...Alfa and I are thinking out for our feline friends in the States and Canada. They have the opposite weather condition to us. For them it is really really hot. Us cats unlike humans, can't take our coats off. We just have to tolerate the heat. Our friends, Woody and Bailey, (both cats and P.A. for Kanstul Brass Instruments), are suffering under the heat. Try and keep cool guys. Alfa and I are doing our best to send some cool New Zealand Wind your way πŸ™€

Well, the week started in a great way with yet another Briccialdi Flute sale. A flute player from a local band tried one and loved it. It brings such happiness for me when I see yet another happy customer. All types of instruments are tested here and it is always nice to hear such lovely sounds from such lovely people. The usual sales of reeds, mouthpieces, and other accessories have also left the building.

Repairs are steady as always. As you may know, the National Brass Band Contest is happening in Blenheim from Wednesday July 11-15TH. Daddy will be playing tuba with the Howick Brass Band.

On Sunday last week he had a little fall and has cracked two of his lower ribsπŸ˜† Silly and poor daddy 😿. This means fun and games playing the tuba but the show must go on. Actually he tells me that it doesn’t hurt that much but he is looking forward to some pampering..hehehehe.

On Tuesday, daddy received a call from the South Island regarding a broken cornet. It seems that on Monday night after his rehearsal for the up coming Brass Band Contest, someone sat on his cornet and broke it in half. Bell bent. Valves stuck and slides not working. It arrived here on Wednesday and with a lot of work and DR TOOT MAGIC, daddy got it done by Thursday and the customer received it back on Friday. He was so happy and said that it looks and plays better then new. I love my daddy, he is so cleaver 😺

Another Kanstul order arrived in from the USA on Wednesday. This order contained 2 gorgeous Kanstul professional trumpets and one trombone. Kanstul take great pride in making handmade top professional instruments. One of the trumpets was for a trumpeter in the Roger Fox Big Band. He received on Saturday and said that he was thrilled with the sound and it was everything he expected it would be, This made all of us very happy πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Well its time to go. I guess you are all wondering why I am writing this week as I did already last week. The answer is simple. Daddy won't be getting back till later on Sunday and I need my daddy to help type as my paws are a bit too small. Anyway, I am sure you would rather hear from me than from Alfa anyways!!!! Good Luck to Howick Brass for the Contest !!! 😸

Sunday, 1 July 2018


Yes, today is Canada Day. On the first of July 1st, around the world, Canadians celebrate Canada Day. It’s a day to enjoy everything Canadian. This includes having Maple syrup, which mummy had with her French toast this morning, saying “eh” after every sentence and many other things Canadian.

It’s been many many years since daddy was in Canada. Daddy left Canada in 1974 and went back for a year in 1980. He thinks many things have changed since then and is hoping to go again next year. If there are any of daddy’s friends that are reading this,…..please say hi to him as he really gets other home sick sometimes. I caught him once googling his old home address in Port Coquitlam on Google Maps and checking on his old High School Poco High School. Hello Douglas Planidin, Denise O’Brian, Terry Gregson, Mike McFarlane, Craig Breckenridge, Glenn Saunders and others. You know who you are….πŸ™€

Anyways….Back to the now world….It’s been a pretty busy week this week at DR TOOT. The week started off with a Kanstul Trumpet sale for one of Howick Brass Band members. It was his 16th birthday and his father bought him a beautiful Kanstul 700 series trumpet. Very lucky boy!!!! That was the only major sale this week, but many other sales happened in accessories.

The workshop was pretty busy with saxophone and flute repairs. Daddy has been very busy on brass repairs. The National Brass Band Contest is coming up in just over a weekend many instruments are coming in for last minute servicing. Because of the Bras Band, daddy has been away ALL DAY!!! He has been rehearsing form 10am till 4.30pm. Mummy and us kitty cats are not happy!!!! This happens every year at this time of year.

Our second Kanstul order from the States has left and should arrive here in NZ at the end of this week. So exciting again. School holidays too will start at the end of this week so please remember to get your instruments in for a bit of DR TOOT’S TLC😎

Well my fine loyal and loving friends….Have a great week to come and know that I am always here for you…always.😸😺😼

Sunday, 24 June 2018

It's a girl !!!

It was quiet for me this week…but other team members were busy as usual πŸ˜„

Thank you for all customers who visited us this week as instruments are keeping coming and going. Daddy, Masaru and Taka have been busy with repairs. Mummy is busy taking pictures of them (sometimes pictures of me and Zara) and puts on Instagram 😊

More Gonzalez reeds have arrived from Argentina….I, Alfa love these reeds….mummy and daddy always wonder why l love them….if I see them, I attack them…hehehehe, it’s something with rubber bands ! So, whenever Gonzalez reeds arrive, the office door is shut and I am not welcomed πŸ™€πŸ˜Ή

This week, New Zealand had a very big good news – On Thursday, our prime minster, Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a girl ! Yup, it’s a girl. Somehow the New Zealand’s population is dominated by female. She left the hospital this morning and the baby’s name is Neve...mummy said it means “snow” in Italian. 😼

It’s been a pretty cold week this week. I love the heater 😸 I snuggle up next to it and rest my paws underneath it.  Zara can be a bit pushy at times. When I am resting next to it, Zara comes next to me and grooms me while slowly pushing me away from the heater so that she can have it all to herself.  I am not happy... It is fake kindness to get her way with things. I guess it doesn’t matter because in the end, I end up on my mummy which is nice and warm, while Zara ends up on daddy’s lap.

As you can tell from the way I am talking……I made no major sales this week 😴 But life isn’t always about sales! Many people have come to visit and admire my lovely fur and humble personality. For me, kindness and friendship is more important 😊😊😊

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Have you seen my Daddy??

Where is he? I know he lives here, but he always seems to be out and about.  Is he avoiding me?  On these cold winter nights, I miss daddy’s warm lap to sleep on. The heater is on but Alfa is by it and I don’t feel comfortable being there. Here is hoping that daddy reads this weeks blog and gets the hint about staying home more often.😼

This week has been a good week for sales for me. It started on Monday with a sale of a Briccialdi flute that has found a new home in Tauranga. During the week, many repairs came in as well as accessories going out the door and mummy very busy packing and wrapping 😊 

On Friday, DR TOOT offered an amazing special on a Vincent Bach 42B Trombone and a Forestone  Alto Sax for our E-News readers. I was the one to recommend these two instruments and sure enough…..the trombone found a home here in Auckland. Am I good or great?!? 😎No movement on the sax…..yet. 

Today, while daddy was at a concert, a beautiful Yamaha YAS380 has found a home up north. This proves that daddy doesn’t have to be around for sales. Daddy out Monday night for rehearsal, Wednesday night, daddy out for rehearsal, Saturday night daddy out for his son’s birthday, and all day Sunday, daddy out for concert leaving 11am and coming back at 5pm. Give this girl a break!!!!!!

On the shop front, it has been busy with repairs thanks to Masaru and Taka 😺. Brass Band Festival is coming up. If you play in a brass band, please make sure your instrument is in tip top condition. I know this will take my daddy away from me but your needs and more than mine. I will be humble and supportive….😸😸😸                                                  

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Life is good !

It was a short week…which made everyone busy !

Tuesday morning, mummy was busy with packing to send orders way to customers all around New Zealand.

Instruments have arrived for services/repairs from Dunedin, Blenheim, Hamilton, Wanganui…etc. We saw also familiar face from Whangarei. The customer brought in the beautiful 1923 silver plated Buescher alto saxophone for a full service.

Masaru has been busy with clarinets and saxophones, Taka has been busy with flutes and saxophones, daddy has been busy with brass instruments – the team was full on !!!

NZ Brass Band National Contest will be starting in a few weeks time in July, so lots of brass instruments for servicing for daddy J Daddy will be also playing the tuba with Howick Brass Band and he has been busy with the rehearsals. Like today, he had a rehearsal all day !

We had so many rainy days and our driveway and garden were a bit messy with lots of weeds and leaves….it was sunny day yesterday and cloudy today but no rain. So, mummy finally could have done the tidy up J It was funny seeing from a window that Zara was running around like doggy !

I know… I am a house cat…and happy…especially in the cold days, stay inside and warm under blankey…Life is good…no complains ! J

A Big shout to Woody Kanstul and friends who are suffering , (with dignity and silence of course), in L.A. under extreme heat. Here in New Zealand Zara and I are cooool cats. Please listen to your servants and stay out of the sun. Sometimes, they know best….sometimes. Stay cool till later !