Sunday, 11 November 2018

Sweet 7 !!!

My big sis, Zara done it again…she forgot to mention about our big birthday week ! πŸ™€

The week started a nice weather and big noises…yes, it was Guy Fawkes Day. We heard lots of BANG BANG BANG in the evening…Zara and I hated. We were soooo scary !!! Daddy went out for a rehearsal, so his absence made Zara more scared…she hopped on mummy’s lap…that’s was unusual to see 😲

One of pre-loved saxophones, Yamaha tenor sax YTS61 found a new home here in Auckland on Monday. The customer said that he would come back on Friday, but he couldn’t wait…so, came back on Wednesday to pick her up !

Tuesday, another pre-loved clarinet, Yamaha YFL650F found a new home in Gisborne. The new owner is very happy with the clarinet - it’s very good to know !

Also, we heard from a new owner of the Briccialdi Flute in Australia who made a special order. He is really thrilled with the heavy wall professional flute and very happy πŸ˜„

More goodies arrived this week. Lots of mutes and bags from Australia. Two pre-loved saxophones also arrived safely from Japan - Yamaha alto sax YAS475 and tenor sax YTS32.

Thursday, a gentleman visited us from Blenheim. He was told by his friend “if you are looking for a second hand sax, go to see DR TOOT !” So, here he was at our door. He stopped playing a tenor sax a long time ago and wanted to start playing it again. We happened to have the Jupiter student model tenor sax which was just serviced by Masaru the other day. He was happy to see the saxophone and has left with it 😸

Friday, our birthday week has started…yes, mummy had her birthday !!! We asked daddy to prepare a cake for her, and he didn’t forget….meow ! One of our customers happened to be here, so the team plus the customer had the cake together…lucky customer 😊

Then, today I turned 7 !!! As many of you know, I was born on 11/11/11 😊I requested salmon for breakfast and chicken for dinner for my birthday. I had to share my special birthday meals with my big sis, Zara…that’s OK ! Zara’s birthday is coming up and I will share her birthday meals with her too 😸😸😸

Sunday, 4 November 2018

It's not all about sales !

Well, it's been another very busy week under my watch. Many instruments have come and been repaired. We are doing many major saxophone rebuilds now which is keeping both boys very busy !

Our long  awaited flute from Italy has finally arrived and after Taka has set it up, Daddy took it around to a flute player in the APO. She was very impressed with the sound and response of this beautiful Briccialdi flute. After about 30 minutes of solid playing, she gave it the thumbs up and off to Australia it went on Wednesday. The new owner will be thrilled when he receives it 😸

This week mummy was not only packing, wrapping, sorting, invoicing but was also taking pictures of our entire Kanstul range of instruments and other bits and pieces including a new Backun Beta clarinet and Backun clarinet mouthpieces. It's all happening at DR TOOT!!!! You will shortly be able to view these instruments shortly on our website and on TRADE ME. Such a clever girl our mummy πŸ™€πŸ˜‹

A few people came in this week to try some instruments. Alfa will get the credit for the sales that I introduced. Again, she steals my thunder. They should have been mine. But not this time. 😹

Mummy and daddy went out yesterday to listen to a farewell concert for Rod Mcleay who is the conductor of the AYSB. Rod has been conducting this band for over 40 years and it is time to hang up his baton. Rod is a good friend of daddy’s and the band will surely miss him. Daddy turned up with his tuba to play the last piece but was asked to play the whole concert. He said that it was an honour and a great way to pay tribute for all the hard work Rod has done for AYSB.😊

Well my fuzzy cute paws are tired and it’s time to call it a day. Thank you everybody for your love and support for ME. Alfa is asleep now. She has used up so much energy going to and from her food dish and her toilet. Such an exciting life for Alfa…the house cat. Later Baby!!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Made to Order…ummm, Very Special !

Again…my big sis, Zara forgot to do blog last Sunday…definitely getting old !!! Anyway, as she did blog on Monday, it was a short week, which made it much busier for us 😸

On Tuesday, everyone was back to work…except Taka who had an extra day off. A long waited “made to order” handmade pro model Briccialdi Flute has finally arrived safe and sound at DR TOOT. It was a special order by a customer in Australia ! The other day, Taka checked it over, set it up and tested it - What a sound !!! It is not only look gorgeous but also it has got warm tone and beauuuuutiful sound 😻 It will be tested by one of professional flutists in Auckland this coming Tuesday….So, I guess Zara will be reporting about the testing !

On Wednesday, a lady visited us with her daughter’s ABS clarinet. It needed a minor adjustment, so Taka repaired on the spot. Then, she wanted to have a look at our pre-loved wooden clarinets. She was impressed the clarinets we have in stock. Well, she left with a Yamaha clarinet YCL450 for her daughter’s birthday present πŸ™€

Thursday morning, we saw the familiar face from Hamilton. She visited us to collect her daughter’s flute and a brand new Briccialdi flute ! They were here two weeks ago. This time, the mother was on the way to airport to pick her daughter up, who came back from a trip to Japan. We hope that she had a great time in Japan and will enjoy playing the new flute !!!

Friday, another parcel arrived from Kanstul in USA. It was supposed to arrive here on Monday but the flight was delayed in Tahiti…Again, daddy could not wait to be delivered to us, so he went to airport to collect it 😹 He came back with a big parcel - Zara and I were watching him to unpack in the living room. There were a “made to order” post horn (another special order from a customer in Auckland), a Kanstul 1570T Bb/F trombone with Thayer Valve and two of the model 700 trumpets - all of them are handmade at Kanstul’s factory…Amazing !!!

One of the trumpets was collected by a lucky boy the next day. He visited us with his parents and sister. He was soooo happy with the trumpet and promised with our daddy to look after it very well...good boy ! πŸ˜Š 

Last night, daddy played with West City Concert Band. He was practicing during the day - we heard lots of noise… 😺 He told us that it was a full house and the gig went very well. West City Concert Band is a very large band and won the top Gold award at the New Zealand Concert Band Festival in September.

I should stop now...Hope that everyone had a relaxing and peaceful weekend 😸😸😸

Monday, 22 October 2018

Happy Long Weekend !

Listening to Alfa’s snoring is nothing compared with what we have had to put up with this week. I was almost ready to leave my palace and check out another kingdom to rule. At my age I like to rest a little, eat a little and take in nature's treasures, like butterflies and lizards and springs warm light breezes. Instead of this…we had water blasting my palace and pathways. Windows cleaned with the roar of water and machine. This was all too much for one as delicate and beautiful as I am. Alfa spent most of the day under mummy’s desk or behind mummy on her chair in the office. A real scaredy cat!!! All of this took place on Thursday towards the end of the week. Not that that means much to me as everyday is the same.

The week has been a very busy week as it was the first week of the last term of the year. Instruments were delivered to schools and mummy was able to see the floor in her office again. Completed repairs went out and new repairs came in. Many saxophones requiring major work and overhauls came in from all around New Zealand. Masaru and Taka had their work cut out for them while daddy stripped and clean them…( the instruments of course )… as well as working on brass instruments. There was such a buzz going on in the shop. I love it.

A major buzz happened on Wednesday when a gentleman came in, in the afternoon and bought a beautiful Selmer Paris Alto Saxophone Series III.  All of our saxophones are set up in the shop by either Taka or Masaru, prior to sale. This is very important as we want to show off the instruments in their best way. All instruments either new or used are service and regulated before they are listed for sale.

Many, many, accessories arrived from overseas and many left here to musicians from all parts of New Zealand. Alfa will be able to share some exciting news to you about things that have just arrive and arriving this week. I am sorry that this is a day late, but you see it is Labour Day Weekend and I am still recovering from all that noise.

Hope you all have a peaceful week to come. Your Zara Always 😼😺😸

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Waiting for Summer !!!

I must say this…my big sis, Zara is definitely getting old…and she says “I am not getting old…older !!!”…yearrhhh, right J I am saying this because she forgot to do the blog…again ! I told her that I could do and let me do this, but she insisted to do then forgot. Oh, well…it’s my turn anyway J

We had another busy week…some instruments arrived for repairs/services. A few of them were a big job - complete overhaul (repads, recorks…etc.) The Team has been working very hard J Are you following us on instagram ? Mummy is busy taking photos of the instruments done by the boys. She sometimes put our photos too J

This week, two pre-loved instruments found their new home. One was a Yamaha piccolo YPC62R which came with a waved cut headjoint. A lady emailed us to say that she was interested in a wooden piccolo. Mummy found this one a few weeks later and it arrived last week. The lady happened to be in Auckland, so Taka serviced it urgently. She visited us for trying it out on Wednesday just before flying back to home to Blenheim. She tried it, loved it and left with it…ummm, it meant to be JJJ

Another one was a Yamaha tenor sax YTS62 with 62 neck. We saw a familiar face on Monday and he came back with his mum on Saturday. It was for his 21st birthday present ! He tried it on Monday and loved the sound…the tenor sax has found a new home in Auckland. Big Happy Birthday, Alex from DR TOOT Team !!!

Another parcel should be arriving here this coming week. The pre-loved Yanagisawa alto sax AW01 and another Buffet E11. We have now a very good selection of Bb clarinets - brand new Backun Alfa…ah no, Alpha J clarinet, brand new Selmer Paris clarinets, pre-loved Buffet E11, Yamaha YCL450, YCL650F and Selmer Paris Odyssee…and Buffet R13 is arriving soon too ! If you are looking for a Bb clarinet, you know where to go…right ? JJJ

The Day Light Saving started a few weeks ago, but it’s still chilly a bit. We hope that everyone had a great school holiday and ready for the last term tomorrow…come soon, Summer !!!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Clari.. Clari .. Clari everywhere !

Greetings to my loyal and patient subjects. Yes, this is your Queen Zara 😸 The most beautiful and smartest cat is New Zealand….and very modest too 😼

We have to say sorry for not publishing a blog last week. You see my typist (daddy), was busy and very involves with last weekend’s Clarinet event 2018 being held at the The University of Auckland organised by Dr Marie Ross, who is head of the woodwind department. Wow!!!! what an amazing Festival. Many clarinetists from all around NZ attended including Mr. Franklin Cohen who was principal clarinetist with the Clevedon Symphony Orchestra for 39 years. He was the guest of honour and did workshops, recitals and masterclasses.

DR TOOT had a stall at this event which was very colourful with many instruments and accessories. Mummy, Daddy and Masaru looked after the stall, while Alfa and me supported the event from home, as we were not welcome to attend. I think this was because Alfa was too young πŸ™€ Many accessories were sold including a clarinet. Thank you everybody who attended this event and came to our stall……wish I was there…..

Gosh, many things have happened and it's hard to remember everything over the last two weeks. On the Friday before the event, a Buffet B12 clarinet found a new home here in Auckland, at the event a Yamaha Custom SEV clarinet found a home in Rotorua ! The Buffet E13 found a new home in Christchurch via our online shopping 😊

Boy, these instruments get around. After the Clarinet Weekend, one of the clarinetists, dropped by our place and dropped off a bass clarinet and bought a Yamaha YTS380 tenor sax. He was from Whangarei. On Saturday a girl and her mum came down from Kerikeri and tried and bought a Selmer Baritone sax mouthpiece. The baritone sax was so big and made such a HUGE sound. Thank you, Sarah for sharing your music. Finally today, another girl, this time from Silverdale came to see us and tried and bought a preloved Yamaha A Clarinet. So many clarinets!!!

Well, I have said enough πŸ˜…. I would like to thank Alfa for helping me remember some of these events and this is really a joint blog, although I have done about 99% of it. Rest, everybody. One more week left of the school holidays to go. So busy we are but never too busy to care and share with the ones that love me most 😻😘😸

Sunday, 23 September 2018

We are back !

Alfa (A):  It was my turn for the blog last week, but I could not do because Zara and I were at our cat hotel “The Loft” near our place.

Zara (Z):  Yup, mummy and daddy had a short break and went to Brisbane. So, we had to stay at the Loft. They seemed that they had a very good time in Aussie and refreshed 😸

A:   Indeed, but you didn’t enjoy staying at the Loft…as always, you hissed well at everybody, I mean every cat….hehehehe. Even you hissed at me too ! πŸ™€

Z:  Oh, well…you know, I do not like changes at all - I love routines !!! I am Queen Zara after all, you know.

A:   I love our routines too, but I did enjoy staying at the Loft J For me, it’s good chance to meet other cats...there were funny cats…

Z:   We missed lots of news…sounds like lots of things happened while we were away. A couple of brand new Alpha Bb clarinets arrived safely from Backun in Canada.

A:   Yeahhhh, more Alfa 😸 Daddy said to mummy to take a picture of me and Alpha clarinet together, hahahaha.

Z:  I think one Alfa is enough here. Well, some pre-loved instruments have found their new home in the last 2 weeks and we are very happy about that. Also, the DR TOOT Team is back…Masaru came back from Japan and Taka had an awesome time in Rotorua too.

A:  Yes, now mummy and daddy are busy preparing goodies for the University of Auckland Clarinet Weekend which is happening this coming weekend ! You know, I saw and helped mummy to pack flyers, pencils, ball pens…etc. for participants. Oups, I cannot say much…. 😎

Z:  The office is a full of goodies  😊and more pre-loved clarinets are on the way for the Clarinet Weekend. Hopefully they arrive soon and would be ready in time !

A:  I must say this…YOU did POO πŸ™€again….in our brand new carrier…on the way back from the Loft !

Z:  I know and we don’t talk about that  😼 I was too excited to see my daddy. You followed mummy like a lost sheep when we got back. I had some dignity !