Sunday, 6 May 2018

Its Brass Banding Time Again…

Good evening to all my fellow watchers, beautiful cats and cat servants. I love days like this. Cool crisp days with the winter sun. Alfa and I love to follow the suns rays on the carpet. I hop onto the couch and lay on my blanket. Alfa goes to her bed and crawls under her blanket, giving her privacy and a warm cubby house. Its sleep, rest, eat, rest, sleep, eat…..well you get the system. We are not lazy, just economical with our energy 🙀

As Alfa mentioned, the KANSTUL instruments arrived in the country and a few people have been lucky enough to try them. Today, daddy took a KANSTUL trombone to the rehearsal and the trombone players and brass players really loved the sound, tuning and response. Daddy has been really impressed with the instruments and top musicians are really impressed with the quality. If you are someone that seeks quality in your instrument, then you can’t go past a KANSTUL😎

This week we had a few deliveries of instruments. This week we received 5 Briccaildi model 203 flutes from Italy. We also received a Selmer Paris Series III Alto Sax from France. At DR TOOT, we are pretty international 😊 Flutes from Italy, Clarinets and saxophones from France and brass instruments from America. Alfa has some exciting news about another new agency from America that she will share with you this week ! 

It is only right that I share with you that we are celebrating that our blog has been going since 2009. I was there...Alfa wasn’t even born and had no clue 😸 It's 2018 and she still has no clue😸 That’s Alfa. Anyways……we look forward and look at our growth. Brass Band Contesting Rehearsals are in full swing and daddy split his day up playing with Howick Brass Band this morning and MSO this afternoon. We will be seeing less of daddy as he heavily involves himself with banding. Please feel my pain..🙀. Have a great week everybody and I will think of you all.