Sunday, 8 July 2018

Howick Brass…..Bring it On !!!

Yes, it’s cold, grey outside and all I want to do is sleep. I have my large black cushion on the couch where I relax and meditate. I wish for things and events. I wish for many things, but Alfa is still here.

Oh well, I will keep wishing...Alfa and I are thinking out for our feline friends in the States and Canada. They have the opposite weather condition to us. For them it is really really hot. Us cats unlike humans, can't take our coats off. We just have to tolerate the heat. Our friends, Woody and Bailey, (both cats and P.A. for Kanstul Brass Instruments), are suffering under the heat. Try and keep cool guys. Alfa and I are doing our best to send some cool New Zealand Wind your way πŸ™€

Well, the week started in a great way with yet another Briccialdi Flute sale. A flute player from a local band tried one and loved it. It brings such happiness for me when I see yet another happy customer. All types of instruments are tested here and it is always nice to hear such lovely sounds from such lovely people. The usual sales of reeds, mouthpieces, and other accessories have also left the building.

Repairs are steady as always. As you may know, the National Brass Band Contest is happening in Blenheim from Wednesday July 11-15TH. Daddy will be playing tuba with the Howick Brass Band.

On Sunday last week he had a little fall and has cracked two of his lower ribsπŸ˜† Silly and poor daddy 😿. This means fun and games playing the tuba but the show must go on. Actually he tells me that it doesn’t hurt that much but he is looking forward to some pampering..hehehehe.

On Tuesday, daddy received a call from the South Island regarding a broken cornet. It seems that on Monday night after his rehearsal for the up coming Brass Band Contest, someone sat on his cornet and broke it in half. Bell bent. Valves stuck and slides not working. It arrived here on Wednesday and with a lot of work and DR TOOT MAGIC, daddy got it done by Thursday and the customer received it back on Friday. He was so happy and said that it looks and plays better then new. I love my daddy, he is so cleaver 😺

Another Kanstul order arrived in from the USA on Wednesday. This order contained 2 gorgeous Kanstul professional trumpets and one trombone. Kanstul take great pride in making handmade top professional instruments. One of the trumpets was for a trumpeter in the Roger Fox Big Band. He received on Saturday and said that he was thrilled with the sound and it was everything he expected it would be, This made all of us very happy πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Well its time to go. I guess you are all wondering why I am writing this week as I did already last week. The answer is simple. Daddy won't be getting back till later on Sunday and I need my daddy to help type as my paws are a bit too small. Anyway, I am sure you would rather hear from me than from Alfa anyways!!!! Good Luck to Howick Brass for the Contest !!! 😸