Sunday, 26 April 2015

ANZAC …100 Years

Greetings one and all from your furry beautiful Queen Zara. This as many weeks has been a very busy one. Last week it was great to share with Alfa our 6th year in writing to you all what is really happening behind the scenes at DR TOOT. I can’t say too much due to commercial privacy, but we can share what we see. Remember….I was there from day 1…..Alfa came years later…

We started our 7th year with a pretty busy week. Repairs have been coming in, but I know that daddy and Shoko would love even more. They always seem busy. Apart from repairing, they have been cleaning tools and fine tuning the repair system. Daddy’s brother Kerry, built a table to hold trombone mandrels and many other tools. The repair shop is looking real cool. Anytime you are near DR TOOT, please come in and see for yourself.

Wednesday seemed to be a real International day here. Three major deliveries came in all at the same time. First one came from France. Selmer parcel arrived in with a few mouthpieces including some metal Saxophone mouthpieces as well as our regular ones. Also included with the mouthpieces were mouthpiece teeth guards. They look great and a first for DR TOOT in New Zealand. Second one came from Switzerland. This a new product from DR TOOT. It is called “Saxholder”. As its says….it’s a holder for you saxophone that fits on your shoulders and takes the weight off your neck. This holder is great for all saxophones including Bass Clarinets and Bassoon. How cool is that???!!! Last but not least was a large box from Japan with a Yamaha Pro Euphonium and a student Yamaha trumpet with an amazing GOLD finish. The trumpet was an order for a friend on mum’s and dad’s and was sold immediately. The euphonium is now looking for a home.  Take the time and look at it on our website. You will be impressed!!

Saturday, 25th April was ANZAC Day. On this day 100 years ago, Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed on the beaches at Gallipoli and fought there in WW1. Many young men lost their lives. The average age was 22. Daddy played with the Howick Brass Band for the early dawn service at 5.30am and again at the later morning service at 10.30am. Daddy again played his tuba with a few others as they lowered the flag at the cenotaph . Alfa, mummy, and I are very proud of daddy . Monday is a public day off to respect those that fought and lost their lives. Alfa and I wish you all a peaceful and restful week to come.