Sunday, 3 May 2015

Just had a Zara week...

I am always grateful to tell everyone what is really happening at DR TOOT J This week, it has gone very fast…my big sis, Zara though that I ate a lot, slept a lot and didn’t make any sales…ummmm, it is not my fault…I have just had a Zara week…you know what I mean J

Well, the sales wise it was quiet but we have received lots of instruments for repairs and services. Lots of saxophones and some brass instruments. A famous professional trumpeter visited us too. She is an old friend of daddy's and we had not seen her for a long time. For me, it was the first time to meet her. Zara remembered when she visited us at Uxbridge Rd. This time, she brought in two Schilke trumpets and a Yamaha Xeno cornet.

Then, on Friday, lots of clarinets have arrived from one of schools in Auckland. It looks like our summer time back again ! Lots of Selmer Paris saxophone mouthpieces have arrived from France too.

Saturday, a customer with his friend visited us in the afternoon. He wanted to try some alto sax mouthpieces. He plays classical music and he really liked a Selmer Concept mouthpiece ! His friend saw me at mummy's office and she said to me "Sooooo cute !!!"....very good customers J

Zara is having a few issues…she is missing daddy a lot. She didn’t see him Wednesday night (daddy and mummy were out for a business meeting), Thursday night (AWO rehearsal), Friday night (brass trio rehearsal) and again tonight, she won’t see him because he has gone out for a Howick brass band rehearsal. Now, daddy will be playing a tuba for NZ Brass Band Championship in July. So, we won’t see him some nights for a while….Zara is certainly not happy ! I am fine as long as mummy is at home JJJ