Sunday, 13 September 2015

Aweeeeeee…Not Again???!!!!!!

It’s been a funny old week. As Alfa mentioned on Monday, we spent just over 60 hours at a “Cat Hotel” here in Howick, while Daddy and Mummy went off to Wellington for yet another Selmer Paris Workshop. I had to be strong for Alfa who has never experienced such a thing. I am a private cat and have high standards. The idea of sharing a room with Alfa is bad enough…..but with so many others....well honestly!  I couldn’t get to sleep and really didn’t feel like eating. I did notice that Alfa had not problems eating. No surprises there. On Monday morning, Daddy came to pick us up. We were very happy to be home and eat from our own dishes and sleep on our own pillows. STANDARDS!!!

Things are back to normal. Daddy and Shoko very busy in the workshop and Mummy as usual in her office. She was busy unpacking things but I heard her say that she didn’t need to unpack everything. I wonder what she means???? On Tuesday night Mummy, Daddy and Shoko went out. Alfa and I were worried that again they were leaving us. But no, they were all going out for a special dinner. Mummy and Daddy were taking Shoko out to dinner to celebrate her getting her working visa extended and wishing her the best for her trip back to Japan. Don’t worry. She is only going back for just over two weeks. She will be back soon.  

On Wednesday a nice boy and his mum came over to buy a beautiful silver professional Yamaha Trumpet from DR TOOT. He sounded really good on the trumpet and loved that the trumpet was plated in a silver finish. Everybody was happy. 

On Thursday Shoko, in the early hours flew back to Japan to see her family and friends. This meant that Daddy was all alone in the repair shop but as always very busy. Many brass instruments came in for their yearly tune ups as well as some from a school in New Plymouth and Upper Hutt. We get repairs from all over New Zealand.

Also on Thursday, we received another parcel from Japan. It was our first professional American trombone. The brand was Conn and it was a Conn 88HT Bb/F Rose Brass finish trombone. The T stands for Thin Rose Brass Bell. It looks beautiful. It is almost as beautiful as me. Well maybe not quite. This lovely trombone is already featured on our website and Facebook. You must see it to believe it. 

On Friday it was business as usual with more repairs being done and more accessories being sold and processed in the office. Yesterday I overheard Mummy and Daddy talking about another trip next weekend… What The!!!! They also mentioned about the “Cat Hotel for a few days!! Next weekend is The New Zealand Concert Band Festival which is being held in Rotorua. Last year, you may recall it was held here in Auckland at Baradine School. I am sure Alfa will tell you more on this next Sunday…..if they remember to pick us up!