Monday, 7 September 2015

Sooooo goooood to be home...meow !!!

Hello everyone…It’s Monday here in New Zealand. My big sis Zara and I got home this morning around 8.00am…from cattery ! Mummy and daddy were supposed to pick us up yesterday, but they arrived in Auckland from Wellington late. So, we couldn’t reunite yesterday.

It was a biiiiiiig experience for me – stayed at a cattery for the first time.  Zara has been to a couple of them in Howick before with Rico, but she didn’t like them at all. This time, mummy and daddy have found a new one near our place. It was nice and clean and people were nice to us, so I didn’t mind at all….I must say Zara was a bit awkward though !

Well, there is no dull moments at DR TOOT – more saxophones, clarinets, oboe, flutes, trumpets, trombones…etc. have arrived for repairs/services. We received also a parcel from Argentina – more Gonzalez reeds and a parcel from France – more Selmer Paris mouthpieces and accessories !

On Tuesday, two pre-loved instruments found new homes – one was a Yamaha flute 311, which went to Lower Hutt to join another 311 flute J Another one was a Yamaha trombone YSL456G. Mother and daughter visited us and the daughter was happy with the trombone and went home together !

The life cannot be same all the time….that what I thought last week. My life at DR TOOT seems to be same, but it was different last Friday – Yup, stayed at cattery J Mummy and daddy drove down to Wellington for the Selmer workshop ! They stayed in Rotorua and they picked up NZ Selmer Artist, Michael Jamieson in Rotorua.

Mummy and daddy told us that it was a very good workshop at NZSM in Wellington – met lots of people includes another NZ Selmer Artist, Lucien Johnson and the weather was nice J

I must admit…’s soooooo good to be home. I missed my place, daddy and mummy (most). So, I am going to just stick with her in her office JJJ Oh, sorry about one day delay, but Happy Father’s Day, daddy….meow meow meow from me and Zara !