Sunday, 27 September 2015

Time for Summer???

As Alfa shared with you last week, we had another weekend at the Cat Hotel, The Loft in Howick. We both enjoyed our stay and I believe they will publish our “news” as it happens. I think they will publish my news as it is always interesting. This week ended with the start of the school holidays. During the week, many, many repairs came in, including many flutes and saxophones which will keep Shoko very busy. Shoko as you remember has been gone now for over 2 weeks and will start work again on Tuesday this week. Daddy has been busy with all woodwind and brass repairs and teaching. Mummy too has been busy with all the sorting out of stock that they took down to Rotorua and filling out many back orders. Never a dull moment here at DR TOOT.

This week the temperature is getting warmer and it is starting to feel like summer is not far away. Alfa still wants to cuddle up to me, but it is far too warm and unnecessary that she needs to be so close to me. I need my space. For this reason, I have been spending more time outside. The rose plants now all have leaves and the trees all have lovely leaves on and flowers are all looking as beautiful as me. My estate is truly looking amazing. A few uninvited cats have entered my estate and I have shown to them that they are very unwelcome. I think Alfa invites them over. She has no friends so she invites them over. I am all she needs. I have everything including charm and style. She can learn a lot from me.

This week a customer and friend from a long time ago, came here and bought a Yamaha 450 wooden clarinet. He was here before and bought a Yamaha Bass Clarinet. Both of these clarinets are going to be presents and both will be given out next month to his wife and daughter. They must be very special to receive such beautiful gifts. We have also sold many accessories including a vintage saxophone mouthpiece that went overseas. At DR TOOT, our customers come from near and far and they are all special to us.

Today has been a bit different. For starters, daddy got up very early and went to the local pub!!!! This not the standard we are used to. According to my cat time it was about 5.30am., but the clock on the human’s wall said 6.30am. What’s going on??? When daddy got home he had a lot of explaining to do to me. It looks like daddy went to the pub to watch the England Rugby team play against the Welsh Rugby team. Daddy met up with some friends and had breakfast there. The friends were English and cheering for the English team. Daddy was quietly cheering for the Welsh team. At the end of half time, England was well ahead, but by the end of the game, the Welsh worked hard and  WON!!!!! Regarding the time issue…..It seems that the humans here, moved the time one hour ahead. It seems that they want the day to finish earlier. Silly humans….smart cats….meow !!!