Sunday, 4 October 2015

I am not Looser !

Daddy somehow survived the last nearly 2 weeks without Shoko ! School holiday has started and lots of instruments have arrived, then Shoko arrived back from her holiday from Japan on Monday. She is back at work on Tuesday, and DR TOOT has been very busy J We all were very happy to see her back !!!

Did you know we are also on Instagram ? Please visit our instagram:  Mummy has been putting photos almost everyday - you can sometimes see me and Zara too !

Sales wise, it was a quiet week - Unfortunately no instruments has found a new home. Maybe they all love to stay with me….I think JJJ Zara said to me today, “I can see a big “L” on your small forehead ! “….ummmm, it wasn’t nice ! I might have a small forehead, but I’ve never been Looser !!! I even caught a fly today…..meow meow meow !

Daddy’s human daughter, Kathryn had her 21st birthday on Friday and mummy and daddy went to the party with a big cake ! The theme of the party was “animal”, so they saw lots of human cats, a penguin, giraffe…etc. J

They went out last night too and daddy has gone to a rehearsal tonight playing with Howick Brass Band. A concert will be on soon….Mummy and daddy, we feel are spending too much time away from us. Zara and I are a bit upset with this. I do come to mummy and purr for her, but it is on my terms. A little bit more loving my way please…meow !

We were able to spend some special time together today though. Mummy and daddy were outside for most of the morning gardening. Daddy was planting roses and moving other plants to different locations. Mummy was weeding and putting some special soil on the plants base. This was all done under the watchful eye of Zara and me J