Sunday, 24 January 2016

Hot Hot Hot !!!

Good evening from a very hot Sunday evening from Howick, Auckland. Mummy and daddy have been spending a lot of time brushing Alfa’s and my fur. You see we wear our winter cloths all summer. My black beautiful fur is with me always and my lovely white sock stay with me. Alfa and I lick our fur to keep it clean, but sometimes the fur gets caught in our throats and we produce fur balls. This is not nice and looks bad on mummy and daddy’s carpet…..

This has been an odd week. Daddy arrived back on Monday from a tangi for his stepmother. This a Moari service for someone who has just died. Daddy’s sister flew all the way from Canada to attend as well as daddy’s two brothers and Rusty. Many people attended, and it was a beautiful send off. Daddy was very sad like I was sad when Rico went. The week got busier with more repairs coming in before school opens and more school instruments getting done and ready for the beginning of next week. A beautiful Bach 42BO Trombone has found a home from someone here in Howick. I didn’t see him, but I heard him play the trombone and it was amazing :)

On Wednesday, Alfa, alone celebrated 4 years since she joined our family. I remember it well. This small grey silver fur ball, crying on the floor looking for attention. She still cries and still seeks attention. The only thing that has changed is her huge appetite for food and her ability to really annoy me! I guess I can’t complain too much, but as I type, she is crying because she is on her leash and can’t get near me. Talk to the paw Alfa !

This is the last week we have to finally finish all the school instruments before school starts. I have never seen so many instruments and it will be great to finally see more of the workshop again. For Daddy and Shoko, this has been the busiest year ever. Well I better get back outside and lay under the tree. It’s very hot and maybe a little sip of cool water will make me feel good again. Till next time……..