Sunday, 17 January 2016

Happy Birthday, Shoko !!!

Greetings again from the one and only, Princess Alfa….hehehe, I copied Zara what she said last week J

And, yes this is my first (on my own) blog for 2016 too J Another busy week has just gone at DR TOOT – it was faster than my eating !

Lots of customers visited us this week…some instruments were brought in for services/repairs. Including two Japanese ladies, who live around here, came to see DR TOOT. It was a bit unusual to see that Shoko and mummy were talking in Japanese to the customers at workshop J

Also, lots of parcels arrived – from Japan, two more instruments arrived. A Yamaha soprano sax YSS475 and alto sax YAS62 with 62 neck. More saxophone pads from Italy and some tools from USA, which made daddy and Shoko happy !

On Wednesday, a mother and son visited DR TOOT – he wanted to try one of our pre-loved Yamaha alto saxophones. He tried the Yamaha YAS275 and really liked it ! Sam is a happy new owner of the YAS275 J  

It seems that summer is finally here in Auckland. We had a very hot weather this weekend.  Zara and I are shedding  a lot….Because Zara vomited hairball the other day, now we are getting special dry food for hairball care. 

It was Shoko’s birthday yesterday. So, after work on Friday, we had a BBQ birthday party for her – of course, including Me and Zara…meow meow J