Sunday, 26 June 2016

Getting Darker these days….

Greetings all from your Queen Zara. I trust you are all well and I am sure that there are some of you that read my blog, and that I am not just speaking to the cyber space out there. If you are out there and wish to say meow (hello), please drop me a line and say meow. Every second Sunday I get together with my daddy and together we share my views and feelings of my life, and life at DR TOOT.

It’s winter here down here in New Zealand. Because New Zealand is a long stretch of land, the temperatures can vary from the far north to the deep south. This is an unusual winter, as it is still pretty warm. It snows in the South Island and never snows here in Auckland. Alfa and I have never seen snow and we are hoping one day, daddy will take me skiing. The problem is, is that I don’t like the cold, so maybe daddy will make a make believe hill and let me slide down it in our house with pillows at the bottom. With winter, comes darkness. On Monday, marked the shortest day of the year. This is good because it marks that the days will be getting longer and warmer. Recently, I have noticed a lot of grey fur on my body. I was a bit worried about this as I am still very young inside. I think that because of the poor light this time of year, that my beautiful round eyes are playing tricks on me. I am young, beautiful, smart and daddy’s girl.

This week I have not seen too much of my daddy, so when I do I make the most of it. As you see in the photo, I so love chillin out with my daddy. I love my daddy, mummy, food, sleep and the other cat that lives with us….um….Alfa. Daddy was out all day last Sunday, out Wednesday night with Howick Brass Band, away Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with MSO, (Manukau Symphony Orchestra), and today with Howick Brass Band again! Oh well…..

This week we sold under my watch, three lovely instruments. On Monday a lovely YAS475 Yamaha Alto sax has found a home here in Auckland, and yesterday a lovely lady bought a Yamaha YCL650F wooden Clarinet from us. She used to play many years ago and her clarinet was getting a bit old, so she thought that it was time for a change. Today while daddy was at band rehearsal, a family came to look at a Yanagisawa alto sax that just came in a week ago. The boy tried the alto and fell in love with it. Who needs daddy??? Mum and I together looked after the family. I love it when people find their passion for playing again and start their new journey. The usual sale of accessories have found new owners and the repair shop is buzzing along nicely.

I am going to rest my head now as this has been a long blog for me. Enjoy the slightly longer days and hopefully not so dark days. Remember that you are always young in your heart and the grey fur or hair that may pop up from time to time means nothing. Until next time…..meow !