Sunday, 19 June 2016

You will never know…

What can I say…it’s my turn for blog, which means more instruments have found their new home this week J

Two Yamaha tenor saxophones – YTS475 and YTS62 with G1 neck have left for their new home. The YTS475 has gone to Upper Hutt, where another YTS475 has gone a few weeks ago. The customer, who purchased the YTS475, is really happy with the saxophone. So, he introduced his friend to purchase one from us ! Thanks so much for the recommendation – we, the DR TOOT Team are very pleased !

The YTS62 has found a new home in Gisborne…where few our pre-loved instruments have gone. The customer emailed us to say that she is very happy with the saxophone.

Also, Buffet E11 clarinet has found a new home in Oamaru on TradeMe. The clarinet is leaving here tomorrow to meet the new owner. Our pre-loved instruments travel everywhere in NZ – Goody Goody gum drops JJJ

Two instruments have arrived from Japan – Yanagisawa alto sax AWO1 and Altus flute 1007E. The Yanagisawa alto sax is the latest model and it is only a few months old…meow ! Altus flute is having an overhaul by Shoko and it will be ready soon !

I, Princess Alfa would like to thank all customers who visited us this week – We saw a familiar face with a flute, a crushed tuba came in, saxophones, clarinets, trombones….we saw a mother and daughters from Whaihiki Isaland with a trumpet. Also, we saw other familiar faces – mother and son who came to try saxophones and clarinet mouthpieces.  

Mummy is very pleased to know that lots of customers are visiting our new website. As mummy’s PA, I also thank all customers who have visited our website J If you haven’t checked it yet, please have a look at it soon ! We offer a free courier service over $25.00 orders…meow J

Daddy has been very busy with Manukau Symphony Orchestra and Howick Brass Band this week….funny thing is that daddy said to us before “I won’t play a tuba in a brass band !”….and he does now. Then, he said again “I won’t march !!!”…and he does now J So, you never know what happens in human’s life…meow meow meow !!!