Sunday, 10 July 2016

I’m not Happy!!!!!

About 45 minutes ago, daddy spoke to me. I am not Happy. Both Alfa and I have been talking for the past few months that daddy has been practicing very hard with the Howick Brass Band. We thought this was because he loves playing his tuba and loves playing with the band. Well this is true, but the hard work is because he is going with the band to the National Brass Band Contest in Napier which is being held this Wednesday till Sunday. That means my daddy will be away from me. I mean really!!!!! I am his pride and joy and I am Zara. Mummy knew about this but didn’t share with Alfa or me. I am not Happy. Please don’t tell daddy, but I might sneak inside his case and go with him. Let’s see….

Back to business…It has been a good week for me. The week started with a clarinet sale. A lovely girl and her daddy, popped in on Monday and tried a Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet and she fell in love with it. She came down stairs and we met and I think she is a nice girl. The clarinet has a new home and I know she will be very happy. On Tuesday a trumpet that just arrived a few days ago has found a new home with a school south from here. This is the same school that bought 2 trombones last week. I guess they really like us or maybe really like our lovely instruments.

This week heralds in the end of Term 2. So many instruments are booked in for servicing and more will come during the week. I hope you have got yours booked in if it needs some of DR.TOOT’S TLC. Shoko has been very busy this week with saxophones and clarinets. Daddy received a tuba with more dents on it then Alfa’s head. I had a little look in daddy’s workshop and it’s starting to look real cool.

Well there is not much more to say. I am still very unhappy and the news I have just received. To top it off, daddy is off to rehearsal tonight. No lap to sleep on. Bugger! I am sorry that I am in this mood, but as you know I look after my daddy and this is his way of saying thank you…..I am not happy!!!