Sunday, 17 July 2016

Zara has still got it !

This week started with beautiful weather – blue sky and clear air in Auckland. I can tell you that it was very busy on Monday. Lots of instruments arrived at our workshop for repairs and services. Also, two instruments have found a new home J - good start !  The Yamaha alto sax YAS62 with 62 Neck has flown to Christchurch (the new owner is very happy with the sax !) and the Pearl flute was picked up by a lady from Hamilton.

Tuesday, it was funny… Zara was not happy (as she wrote last week…period) that daddy is leaving for Napier with Howick Brass Band the next day for the NZ Brass Band National Championship, and she brought something for daddy…It was a mouse !!!!!! Mummy said that it was the first time since they moved in this house and had not seen for a long time. We thought that Zara is getting old and cannot catch it anymore….ummmmm, Zara told me after that it was revenge J You know, daddy has mouse/rat phobia !!! Mummy took a picture and I asked her to put it here… J

Well, Wednesday, daddy left home just before 8.30am. All girls - Shoko, mummy, Zara and I were together as the Team worked well without DR TOOT J Some instruments were dropped off – a few flutes, a cornet, a few saxophones by customers from Auckland, Hamilton, Ohau and Rotorua. I greeted some customers J Thank you so much, all customers who visited us this week !

A parcel (new stock) has arrived from Japan and another one is due to arrive here on Monday. Shoko and daddy will be having another very busy week !

Daddy arrived back home safely from Napier this evening after a long bus journey. He was supposed to arrive earlier, but the traffic was terrible!!! He looked tired but was very happy to see us ! He told us that he played very well. Everyone one of The Howick Brass Band played well and the band came 2nd - Well done !!!!!

Zara seems to be very pleased to see daddy. She told me that she wanted to catch another mouse for him, but she had a second thought JJJ Stay warm, everyone !