Sunday, 26 March 2017

10, Ten to go….

Greetings all from the one you love the most…….ME!!!  It has been a wonderful week for me. The weather has been nice and Alfa for the most part has been a good girl.

We have sold an instrument that looks like a huge giant snail. It’s called a sousaphone and a young man came over over on Monday and wrapped himself around it. Daddy says it is a marching tuba and it was pretty large. Many years ago, 43 to be exact,  daddy brought a sousaphone to New Zealand and played it for awhile. Having one here has made daddy remember those daddy’s, but now it’s sold…..sorry daddy.      

So you ask what am I talking about with the number 10??? Well that’s how many days there is to go till mummy and daddy go to Europe. Yup, you heard it first from me. They are flying on a silver big bird to Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Paris and finally London. They are meeting up with Selmer Paris and some other suppliers at a Music Trade Fair in Frankfurt. I am sure Alfa will mention more on this next week. They are very excited and we will have Masaru as our baby sitter which means we don’t have to stay in the cat hotel. I like it there, but there is no place like home and our own bed…even if I have to share with Alfa.

There are a few changes in the workshop. Masaru has Shoko’s old workbench and daddy has Masaru’s old workbench. The shop looks so clean and tidy. I love it! The workshop always seem to be changing. I like things to be the same so I find it hard to accept the change.

Speaking of change…today was a little different. We had all of daddy’s kids here over for lunch. They were Jeremy, Harry, Kathryn and Philippa. Mummy and daddy did a BBQ with salads and meat and just too much food. Everybody seemed very happy and I was happy to share in the event.

Well it’s time to go. I am very tired  and need my sleep. Cats love sameness. Hate changes, except when it comes to families. I love my family, even Alfa :)