Sunday, 2 April 2017

Real House Cat in Howick !

Well, that’s me…Alfa – I am a really house cat. My big sis, Zara, still laugh at me about that. She caught a huge mouse the other day and showed off everyone. Ummmm, it’s not bad for 63 year-old cat ! She still got it J

I was looking at her from inside of the house and it was so funny…she attacked the mouse and it was jumping on the air…up and down.

Change subject…DR TOOT Team had another busy week ! Our pre-loved Stomvi Elite flugelhorn has found a new home in Hastings. A brand new Selmer Praris Signature A clarinet has arrived safely from France, which was a special order from one of customers in Auckland. Daddy specially went to the airport and collect it from there. The customer came with her husband on Friday and left with a big smile.  The clarinet is now happily with the matching Bb clarinet J

Then…(not finished yet) yesterday, mummy and daddy received a few emails from Japan. The same customer sent emails to us. He purchased a pre-loved Yamaha soprano sax YSS62S (silver plated). Well, the saxophone came all the way from Japan and now has gone back to Japan ! It is a rare piece in mint condition. So, the Japanese customer was so excited to find it here J

This week, lots of instruments have gone back to their home after being repaired. Lots of clarinets have gone back to Hamilton and Cambridge, Selmer Mark VI alto sax has gone back to her home locally, Euphonium, which had a major dents removal, has gone back to New Plymouth…etc. The Team has been working hard to make sure everything is fine before the break.

Everyone, we will be closed from the 5th to Easter Monday, 17th of April and resume on Tuesday, 18th. Yes, it is the first time we will closed for such a long time. Mummy and Daddy will go to Europe to attend the music trade fair and visiting Selmer in France !

Well, this means we won’t be posting our blog for a couple of weeks as we are not allowed to use any computers at home… We will stay here as Masaru will be looking after us  J Next blog will be posted by Zara on 23rd of April !