Sunday, 12 March 2017


Greetings everybody from a wet and soggy Sunday at DR TOOT. In all my cat years, I have never ever seen it rain as hard or as long as it has done this week! It has limited my travels around the area and I have not been able to see my fellow subjects. Alfa too has been stuck indoors which means I have to see her and be with her more than usual. I pray for sunshine soon 😎

As usual, it’s been a busy week. A school here in Auckland, recently purchased a baritone sax from us and delivered some woodwind instruments for us to service. Daddy and the Toot Team got stuck into the repairs and daddy personally delivered them to the school within a week later. The music teacher was so impressed. It’s all part of the DR TOOT service I think 😊

This week, Shoko has been very busy servicing flutes and saxophones and Masaru has been very busy servicing saxophones and clarinets. Daddy has been busy on brass instruments and walking around looking important… Daddy helps the team also by preparing the instruments and cleaning them before they are serviced. This how it works…..Mummy tells daddy what to do…..Daddy tells Shoko and Masaru what to do and I tell Alfa what to do. This system works for all of us. πŸ˜‹

This week I assisted in a sale of an alto sax we had in stock. It has found a new home in Fielding. I feel that the new owner knew that it was my turn to do the blog and wanted me to share the news. That’s what I believe.😌

DR TOOT had a very busy and long day on Thursday. Business was as usual during the day with repairs and sales. In the evening DR TOOT had an event. It was a Selmer Paris Clarinet and Saxophone and Gonzalez Reeds evening held at the Lewis Eady showroom. This was an exciting and fun event and pictures are available to see on our Facebook and Instagram. Thank you, Michael Jamieson and Drew Hutchinson for a very entertaining evening. One day Alfa and I will be invited……

Mummy and Daddy went out last night to watch a film about a special cat. This crazy!!!! They could have saved their money and stayed home and watched me. They came back and told Alfa and me about this cat called Bob. The film was ‘’ A street Cat named Bob’’. It’s based on a true story about how a cat changed the life around for someone. The man was having a hard time with his life, and Bob, the cat, helped him become a better person and have a good life. The story reminds me of when I came into daddy’s life. I make all things good it seems. I am sure you all agree…  πŸ˜½πŸ™€πŸ˜½