Sunday, 5 March 2017

Long Summer !

Now it’s March…wow, so fast. It’s officially autumn now, but we’ve been have hot days. This week started a bit different….

Mummy and daddy received an email from the customer who purchased the Yamaha tenor sax last week….yep, Zara thought she made the sale ! He said that he would like to return it…ummm, it’s the first time for us ! Nothing wrong with the saxophone but he has got his teeth problems and need to sort it out first. He visited us with the sax Monday afternoon….so, the YTS380 is now again looking for a new home to stay !!!

Lots of instruments for repairs are still arriving from everywhere New Zealand, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Havelock North, Hastings, Dunedin, locals…etc. Mummy has been very busy with packing. She wrapped lots of instruments including a few of baritone saxes ! I wanted to help her….but I was just watching JJJ

Well, I am not like Zara…I am Alfa…I sold a baritone sax this week ! The bari has gone to one of schools in Auckland happily after.

We heard that daddy was practicing a tuba a little bit this morning and he went to a rehearsal with Manukau Symphony Orchestra (MSO) this afternoon. They will have a concert on the 18th March. If you are near and interested, please check their concert !

Also, this Thursday, we will have the Selmer workshop “Selmer Night with Guest Artists 2017” with Michael Jamieson and Drew Hutchinson at Lewis Eady Showroom.  The DR TOOT Team will be there to present Selmer products, clarinets, saxophones, mouthpieces, reeds…etc.  If you haven’t registered yet, please do so asap:   Well, Zara and I will be house sitting JJJ