Sunday, 25 June 2017

Had "Zara week" !

Well, this week I had “Zara week”….moments, moments…I know that I didn’t make any big sales all though lots of accessories have gone to new home everywhere in New Zealand as usual.  

One of customers purchased lot of Gonzalez Reeds Duo Pack to try them out. Gonzalez reeds are available from only DR TOOT in New Zealand. So, it’s very good see many reeds are out of door !

We use Fastway Couriers - Our driver, Vincent comes twice a day (morning and afternoon) to pick up and drop off…whenever he comes, I greet him most of the time….you know this means…hehehehe, I try to escape ! When he opens the door, I attempt to dash outside…but he knows that I am a house cat J Unnnnn, a bit hard nowadays !

There were lots of instruments arrived for repairs and went back to their homes too. I saw lots of familiar faces too this week. It’s very good to see lots of customers visit our home.

This winter is still mild, but Masaru caught a cold and we didn’t see him on Tuesday. Zara was sad as she didn’t see him. He seems to be fine now and he and Taka went to see Daddy’s playing the tuba with Manukau Symphony Orchestra last night.

I’d better to go watch news..lots of news, All Blacks won and The Team New Zealand has been doing well with America’s Cup…Yeahhhhh J