Sunday, 2 July 2017

Happy Canada Day !!!

It was Canada Day on the 1st of July. This year it is a special year as Canada is now 150 years old. Daddy told me that he remembers when Canada turned 100 years and the school he went to celebrated with the rest of Canada with flags and a touring road show of all things to do with Canada. Daddy is upset that Monday isn’t a holiday but that’s life.

This week has been a bit chilly outside and Alfa has been living by and under the oil heater. At night time when we go to bed, she snuggles up to me for my Zara warmth. It’s not too bad as she has a little warmth to share with me and I still have to look after her as she is still a 42 year old baby.

It has been a very exciting week for NZers this week. There is a Yacht Race called the America’s Cup and it is held every 4 years. New Zealand challenged for the cup and WON!!!! This means that the race will happen here in Auckland in 4 years time. Alfa and I are not fussed about the water so we personally are not interested, but it is big news here.

Speaking of big news…..I have sold a few instruments this week. On Monday a Yamaha Bass Clarinet we had in stock has found a home near Tauranga  to a school. On Friday a beautiful Yamaha YAS62 Alto Sax has found a new home here in Auckland and on Saturday a lady that lives nearby bought a recently imported Buffet E11 Clarinet. I must admit that Alfa has shared with me some ideas that have helped with these sales.

Burrrrrr, it’s getting cold. Time for me to join Alfa by the heater and sleep a little. Have a great week everybody and stay warm. Please always listen to Queen Zara.