Sunday, 11 June 2017

Trio in the Workshop …PAPA…MASA…TAKA…

As my big sis Zara mentioned last week, a new staff member, Taka has started working with DR TOOT this week. Some flutes are already lined up for him and he’s been very busy…Daddy and Masaru have been with other instruments too – saxophones, clarinets, trumpets…etc. J

It was Queen’s Birthday…not Zara’s birthday…on Monday, and the next day, one of new arrivals, Yamaha trumpet found a new home in Auckland. It was sold before mummy was going to list it on our website.

Then, two saxophones also found a new home to stay ! One of them was a Yamaha tenor sax YTS62 with 62 neck and has found a new home in Porirua via our website on Friday - she is leaving for a new home tomorrow J

On Saturday, we are closed but mummy and daddy welcomed a few customers…customers came to pick up their instruments which were serviced by the Team. We saw lots of “happy faces” and made me proud of a part of the Team J

Early afternoon, a gentleman and his children visited DR TOOT. He wanted to start learning an alto sax…he saw the Yamaha alto sax YAS280 on our website. He was happy to see the saxophone here and went home with it….Yes, I am Alfa….Princess Alfa…I’ve done it again JJJ

It was a beautiful day today and warm for a winter day ! Enjoy walking around outside with my friend, leash while mummy was gardening. Daddy was playing a tuba with AWO. The gig was held at one of rest homes in Flat Bush this afternoon.

It’s Sunday….means Daddy is cooking…mummy is relaxing…Zara is still sleeping…well, time to go…another busy week is ahead of us ! Stay warm, everyone…Happy Tooting from Princess Alfa J