Monday, 5 June 2017

I am here and alive!!!

My dear loyal subjects. Thank you for the over 1 million emails I have received from you. I am so sorry that I didnt do the blog yesterday due to it being a long weekend. Yes it is Queens Birthday weekend and I have again turned down an award from the Queens honor list 🙀

It has been a pretty busy week and weekend. Although no instruments have found new homes, many accessories have traveled far and wide and have made a lot of people happy. More accessories too have arrived in from overseas. From Germany, we have received  some amazing cases for saxophones. These include a hard case for alto, tenor and baritone sax, as well as an alto and tenor sax gig bag. These cases are from Germany and are made by Jakob Winter.

Masaru has been working hard as always on saxophones and clarinets. One of the clarinets he serviced was from a customer down south who wrote an amazing testimonial about it and is really really happy. It’s very nice when people take the time to say something about the work that has been done. It means a lot to us that people take the time and trouble to do so.

We have a new addition to the DR TOOT Team. His name is Takahide and he is from Japan. He arrived on Saturday morning and has moved upstairs in the spare bedroom. Alfa and I heard him play alto sax yesterday and today he is playing the flute. The most important thing as far as Alfa and I care about is that he likes cats. Even Alfa. Tomorrow will be his first day at work. He spent yesterday setting up his flute work station and has brought over many tools. Welcome Takahide from the whole team at DR TOOT.

Well time to go. Again I am sorry for the delay and thank you again to all those that sent messages of concern. I am very well and very much alive 😊😋😺