Sunday, 22 October 2017

I love routine.

In the mornings, I wake up. Sort Alfa out and lay the law for the day. Quick breakfast then outside, then back again for biscuits and a rub from daddy out of respect. Then I get comfortable on my black large cushion on my cream soft rug. Either one, it’s time for my morning snooze and meditation time….puuuurrrrrrr. 😴

Everyday is about the same and I make sure that I save my energy for all the important things that happen around me. This week things changed…… Monday to Friday was just as usual. Saturday mornings breakfast was like every other morning breakfast, but after breakfast, Alfa and I were whisked into our travel cages and taken to the Loft to stay the day, night and most of today in. This was because, mummy and daddy went off to Rotorua and didn’t want to take us. They said that we couldn’t stay in the hotel and that the travel time was too long. I don’t like change. It was very nice there as usual, but I don’t feel comfortable meeting other cats, who are lower rank than me and Alfa was happy to meet other cats, but they hissed and growled at her, so the Loft put Alfa back in her cage. For her own safety, if you know what I mean……

A couple of instruments found new homes under my watch this week. They were a Buffet B12 Clarinet and a Yamaha YAS62 Alto Sax. Everybody is happy. I went upstairs with mummy and noticed that we have an enormous collection of saxophones. Soprano, altos and tenors. They are all looking for homes, Can you help? A beautiful Yamaha YAS 82Z Yamaha professional alto sax arrived from Japan on Thursday and it too is looking for a place to live and feel useful. So shiny and it was great to hear Taka tested it on Friday and mummy recording Taka for our Facebook and Instagram.  Speaking of playing…Two Briccialdi Intermediate flutes also arrived on Monday and were professionally set up by Taka. Taka checked them over and recorded them so that you can hear them on our Facebook too.

Masaru this week too has been very busy, Many clarinets and saxophones have seen his handy work this week. But for Masaru, it has been a short week as he took Thursday and Friday off work. On Friday it was his birthday and Alfa and me and the team wished him happy birthday on his Facebook. Mummy made him a birthday cheese cake on Wednesday and we all sang Happy Birthday 🎵🎉🎉

Mummy and daddy too have been busy, but they are always very busy. Time to go now and get ready for part two of my dinner. Tomorrow is Labour Day so mummy and daddy will be around all day and not working . This means that they will have all day free to play with me !!?? 😸