Sunday, 15 October 2017

I see the light !

Meow, Monday seems always busy at DR TOOT ! Mummy wrapped up some orders which were made during the weekend – our accessories go around New Zealand 😊

I kicked off a very good Monday - One of flutes, Yamaha YFL311 has found a new home in Dunedin via Trade Me. A very newish Yamaha alto sax YAS380 which arrived last Saturday, has already found a new home in Picton ! Taka has just serviced it and it went out our door 😎

Lots of things arrived from oversea too. More pads were delivered to us from Italy…Speaking of Italy, two more Briccialdi flutes (Intermediate Model 1849) arrived safely ! Also, baritone sax cases, a soprano sax case and clarinet case arrived from Jakob Winter in Germany ! 

We have now a good stock level of saxophones, clarinets and flutes….so, if you are thinking to upgrade or give up renting…etc., please contact mummy or daddy !

The DR TOOT Team was minus Masaru on Thursday and Friday (He was taking his annual leave) and will be back to work tomorrow. We saw him Friday night though….he came to see us to join his pre-birthday dinner – it is on the 20th, next Friday 🙀

This morning, Zara and I had a flea & warms treatment, nails cut and brushing. Sorry, daddy….I scratched your arm, hehehehe….I was a bit unhappy about my nails were cut, even mummy was gentle.

It’s certainly getting warmer and brighter….longer day. I am a still house cat….even after the incident a few weeks ago. I am chasing light beams from daddy’s mobile phone or mummy’s watch…sometime I catch…but sometime I miss. I do my best 😉