Sunday, 5 November 2017

Pass the sun tan lotion please…..

That’s more like it. Outside sitting here with daddy on a warm late spring day, outside in the garden. Alfa inside trying to catch a fly as she bangs against the window, trying to catch her prey. Earlier today, mummy and daddy were gardening while I lay on the herb garden, (not supposed to), while Alfa was on her leash getting caught up with the roses, chairs, outdoor furniture, pot plants,… get the picture. I am glad I am not a house cat. I have the freedom to roam as long as daddy or mummy let me outside. Not special cat door here. I have servants that let me in or out πŸ™€

Well it has been a good week this week at DR TOOT. Two beautiful Yamaha wooden clarinets have found a new home and today a Yamaha Custom (also beautiful) trumpet has found a home. At DR TOOT, we take great care to find wonderful tidy musical instruments that we import, pre-loved from Japan. When they arrive, Masaru, Taka and daddy service them so that they are in excellent playing condition for our customers. Mummy spends countless hours looking for the best instruments possible. Remember, that if you are looking for a special instrument for yourself and we don’t have it in stock, then please contact mummy and she will find one for you at a great price. She is good at that 😎

I am told that two instruments should be arriving tomorrow, but that will be for Alfa to share. This week was a short week for Taka. He had Thursday and Friday off work as part of his annual leave. He will have tomorrow off too. Taka went to Wellington and I am looking forward to hear how things were for him there. Masaru worked very hard this week on a Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet. He did a complete overhaul on it and did an amazing job. The instrument was made in 1955 and I don’t believe that it has ever had a service. The customer should receive it tomorrow and I know that he will be very happy !

Last night, Alfa and I weren’t very happy. Mummy and daddy went out for dinner leaving me again in charge in looking after Alfa. The problem was that there were Fireworks going off all the time and it was very scary. People were celebrating Guy Fawkes night and Halloween. Very noisy and not nice. It’s time to go inside now and cool myself down after a lovely day in the sun. Be good and happy !!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰