Sunday, 12 November 2017

Birthday Week !

We started a beautiful Monday…the weather was nice here in Howick and we welcomed some customers. There were a few familiar faces and a new customer from Whangarei. He was looking for an alto sax – he tried the Antigua alto sax and went home with it 😊

The same day, we received two pre-loved alto saxophones – Yamaha YAS475 and YAS62 with 62 Neck. The both of them are near new condition.  Masaru serviced the YAS62 and Taka serviced YAS475, and mummy listed them on our website and now looking for a new home to stay!

On Tuesday, Taka came back from his leave. It sounds that he had a very good time in Wellington. Also, we are so happy to receive a bunch of instruments from one of schools in Auckland. Our busy summer has already started !??

I must thank you for everyone who sent us “birthday wishes” to mummy (9th) and me (11th) !!! Mummy turned xx year-old and I am now 6 year-old 😊 As our tradition, Zara and I shared a special breakfast (salmon and prawn) and dinner (chicken) on my birthday….they were so yummy…my big sis, Zara ate too fast and vomited all of them after breakfast….daddy had to clean the carpet quickly….oh, dear....yep, that's Zara !!! 

Speaking of Zara, her birthday is coming up soon. I am not sure what she has requested to mummy for her birthday meal. I am very looking forward to sharing it with her anyway !

It is defiantly warmer...and I enjoyed outside very much with Zara and mummy today while daddy was out for the rehearsal of Manukau Symphony Orchestra (MSO). Hope that everyone is enjoy the lighter and warmer days !!!