Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas, Everyone !!!

Alfa (A): Wow, it’s already Christmas Eve today ! I cannot believe 2017 has almost finished…Hope that everyone is having a safe and sound holiday J It’s my turn for the blog, but my big sis, Zara…Queen Zara insists to do the blog together. So, here she is…

Zara (Z): Merry Christmas, my subjects !!! Queen Zara here…hope that everyone has been enjoying the warm summer in New Zealand J The DR TOOT Team is having a 4 days off - We will be back to work on the 27th !

A:  Yes, the Team has been working very hard…of course, including me ! J Anyway, this week, two pre-loved wooden clarinets arrived from Japan. They would be serviced by the team and listed soon. Of course, this week was my week and three instruments have found new home…one of them was an oboe and even went to Australia ! Other two instruments were the Briccialdi student model flutes and the both of them have gone to a different house in Hastings area.

Z: Ummmm, Hastings….Napier, Havelock North…the Team has serviced lots of flutes from there and some of our pre-loved flutes had gone there too. Something must be in the water J Anyway, I must say to you, Alfa…Well done, girl !

A: Oh !? Thanks, Zara…you sound grown up !

Z: It’s a festive season…so, I just want to be peaceful and kind to everyone….I am Queen, Queen Zara J

A: Well, it’s a nice and short blog from us, and we will have the last blog in 2017 next Sunday…maybe together again !?

Z: Sure, why not J

A & Z: Enjoy your holiday…Merry Christmas and Happy Tooting !!!