Sunday, 17 December 2017

Have you seen my Daddy???

It’s been one of those weeks again…. You see it’s only 8 days till Christmas and Daddy has been out almost every night. Alfa and I thought he was out buying presents for Alfa and me, but he has been out doing Christmas Carols with the Howick Brass Band. By daytime he is working in the shop with his unofficial Santa helpers or picking up instruments from school and night time playing his tuba.

The repair shop is busting at the seems with a huge assortment of wind instruments waiting for the good doctors to give them the TOOT they are missing. Honestly it’s crazy in there!!! I pop around to check on daddy and the boys to see how things are going but I feel that I might be getting in their way. Masaru always gives me a smile when I wonder in. On Taka’s bench I see a mountain of flutes and saxophones and on Masaru’s bench a field of clarinets and saxophones in various stages of repair. On Yesu’s bench I see a large line of instruments ready to be taken apart and cleaned. Daddy is surrounded by Cornets, Trumpets, French Horns, Euphoniums, Trombones and Tuba’s. I tell you….it’s a crazy jungle of instruments in there.

I am sorry to say that on my watch there have been no major sales of instruments, despite our specials happening till Christmas. Mummy has been shipping off accessories all around New Zealand. We see mummy sometimes coming out of her office, but nowadays, she is too busy. This week a few instruments arrive for stock from Japan. One trumpet, clarinet and saxophone in amazing condition will be serviced soon and ready for sale. Some mouthpieces and accessories too arrived in from Selmer Paris and a shipment of Briccialdi Flutes from Italy arrived. At DR TOOT, we are pretty International.

Like I said earlier, my Daddy has been very busy. But he is never too busy to spend quality time with me. It is very stressful managing everybody and thing at DR TOOT and managing Alfa. So Daddy takes time out as you see to give me a massage. The back of the neck and head. Yes MY DADDY LOVES ME!!!! Santa is really going to look after me because he knows that I have been a very very very good girl πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΈπŸ™€