Sunday, 7 January 2018

Still Happy New Year…from Alfa !!!

We had a very quiet and peaceful New Year’s Day and the 2nd…ummmm, speaking of the 2nd of January, it was the Rico Memorial Day, of course.

Zara still reminds me that if Rico didn’t have the accident, I wouldn’t be at DR TOOT – Yes, that’s true….and I wouldn’t be a house cat, either……..the life can be funny sometimes J

Well, the DR TOOT Team were back to work on Wednesday as mummy posted photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+. Masaru, Taka and Yasu seemed that they enjoyed their mini break in Rotorua !

On Friday, we had a very bad weather in Auckland. Storm hit some areas and flooded…our area also had heavy rain and storm, but we were lucky and very fine. We actually thought that it would be a very quiet day…however, we had an interesting day instead!

A Yamaha flute from Wellington was dropped off for the warrant service, and then a family from New Caledonia visited us with another Yamaha flute for the service. A young lady brought in her Yamaha trumpet for servicing. Then, a Tongan gentleman with his Buffet clarinet came to see us…then another family visited us with their son’s Yamaha clarinet.

Daddy and the Team were very grateful that customers came to see us under the diabolical weather ! I was busy greeting all customers, of course J

I am not sure what cause…maybe due to the windy weather or the age ??? My big sis Zara had to go to vet yesterday. She vomited a few times and had blood in her poo….she has now special food and medicine to take. She seems fine now J

As you are all aware, we have Briccaldi for flutes, Selmer Paris for clarinets and saxophones but no agency for brass instruments……until now!!! Daddy can be a bit pushy sometimes. He has wanted a good brass line for awhile and it looks like we have one. It’s early days, but soon we will be launching an amazing brand of instruments from the USA. The brand is Kanstul.

They produce a top line-up of brass instruments from cornets to tubas. Daddy has serviced some in the past and was very impressed on how well made they were and what a fantastic sound they have. “Nothing Resonates like a Kanstul”. That is what their caption says and daddy say’s it’s true. More news on these instruments later.

Time to go now… Mummy has been very busy outside gardening and I have been assisting as usual. It’s full steam ahead back at work tomorrow. Bring it on!!!