Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bye Bye Yasu !

The week started as a long weekend – It was the Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday. So, we were closed but Zara and I saw that mummy and daddy were working a little bit. I stayed with mummy in the office J

On Tuesday, the Team was back to work as usual. It was the last week for Yasu. He cleaned and polished nearly 300 instruments in the last 2.5 months. The Team was so grateful with his work and sad to see him go back to Japan.

We had a farewell party for Yasu after work on Friday. Mummy took a photo of the Team and posted on our Instagram page…well, as you can see, my big sis Zara wanted to join. So, here she was…she always wants to be seen…after all, she is Zara…Queen Zara ! J

Saturday morning, Zara and I said “good bye” to Yasu - Mummy and daddy saw him off to the airport. In Japan. it’s winter and cold right now (lots of snow in Kanto area this year), so we hope that he won’t get a cold…he will be back to school from Monday and graduate the repair course in March…All the best from the Team !

We had lots of rain and strong winds again and some parts of New Zealand had flooding… Hopefully everyone is fine and living as usual J

On Friday, Zara asked me “how many sales have you done this week? Show me your paws ! “…………I couldn’t put up my paws….ummmmm. Zara had a very good week last week, so I had a bit pressure. She even said to me, “No sales, Non food !!!” – she can be very mean, as you all know.
Well, finally, I showed my paw to Zara yesterday ! Father and son visited us in the afternoon, and the son tried the Yanagisawa tenor sax T990 which was just in and serviced by Taka. He really liked it and went home with the saxophone !!! Yay J

We have now another Yanagisawa tenor sax T902 Bronze, Buffet E13 clarinet and Yamaha YFL311PGB in stock. This flute is the limited edition flute in Japan, and mummy showed me that the head crown has got a small “Kyoto Opal”….I thought myself it’s a bit unusual…but beautiful, that’s for sure !

I should stop here…otherwise I am getting like Zara, on and on and on J It will be another short week as Waitangi Day on Tuesday…Have a good one and Happy Tooting, Everyone…from Alfa, Princess Alfa !!!