Sunday, 18 February 2018

Never ending summer !?

Daddy came back home just before 1.30am Sunday night (Monday morning in the fact)…yes, he did march with Howick Brass Band for the TV commercial…as Zara mentioned last week. Daddy looked exhausted in the morning J

Another busy Monday started with very humid weather ! Lots of phone calls, a few customer came in, Gonzalez reeds arrived from Argentina… one of phone calls was from a lady who wanted to purchase one of our pre-loved alto saxophones for her son. It was recommend by his teacher who came here to try it before. The Yamaha YAS62 with 62 Neck was collected by the mother and son happily on Friday.

Next day, three big boxes arrived from Hawera ! Wow, 10 brasswinds instruments (cornets, flugelhorns, Euphonium) have arrived suddenly from the local brass band – Daddy was happy to see the instruments J

We had another beautiful summer weather on Thursday and I enjoyed the outside…wishing the summer would never end !

Finally, the new shipment of Briccialdi flutes has left Italy…and on the way to DR TOOT ! We have waited longer than usual as there was a carnival in Venice. Their workshop is in Venice and during the carnival, everything was stopped…for 2 weeks. Mummy experienced the carnival a long time ago when she lived in Florence. Lots of people dressed up with masks and you can hardly move…it sounds fun !

I think Zara will tell about the flutes next time anyway ! A lots of customers visited us this week and a couple of them came here to try our saxophones. A lady from Queestown tried a few different alto saxophones and mother & son tried one of the tenor saxes…it seems that they liked the saxophones but did not make their mind…hopefully we will hear from them soon J

It’s been sooooo hot in Auckland ! Lots of cicadas around and today I caught a cicada and ate it…yum yum yum J We hope everyone has been enjoying the hooot and loooong summer…meow ! J