Sunday, 25 February 2018

Zara ROCKS!!!

I am not one for blowing my own beautiful purrs about, but yes, I have done it again! Another typical Zara week has come and gone in excellent style as you would expect it to. I single pawed have sold many instruments, made sure the repair shop is running to my purrrfection, and was present with our first order off to Kanstul. I am exhausted. Where do we start??? πŸ™€

On Monday we had an amazing day. It started off with an online sale from Christchurch of our Yamaha Custom SE Bb clarinet. Yes, our customers have good taste. In clarinets and who they get them from. Later in the day another clarinet was sold to a customer in Hastings. This clarinet was a pre-loved Yamaha YCL450. Good things happen in three’s so they say. Even later on Monday a local customer purchased  a pre-loved Yanagisawa A902 Alto saxophone. All three customers very happy and all thanked me for my hard work. I needed a breather, so waited till Friday for my next sale.

The customer drove up from Hamilton and tried and fell in love with a lovely shiny EEb Besson tuba we had. She was on her way to a wedding up north and stopped on her way to pick up the tuba. I wonder if she is going to play at the wedding??? πŸ˜‹

During the week we received our long awaited order of Briccialdi flutes. This order came just in time for a lovely girl who on Saturday received her Briccialdi semi professional flute. She was so please and so thoughtful and kind, that she even gave Alfa a pat on her head, even though Alfa didn’t do anything to deserve such attention.😎

Thursday was a special day for DR TOOT and Kanstul. On Thursday we placed an order to Kanstul for a few instruments and some mouthpieces. Each instrument is specially made and will take a few weeks to make and send over. I am just too excited 😊.

On Saturday we had another special day. It was Japan Day Eve in the city and mummy and daddy went to the city to watch and listen to a saxophone quartet called HIBIKI SAX QUARTET. The players were, Tomomi Johnston on Soprano and Alto sax, Gustav Voigt on Alto Sax and our two boys, Masaru on Tenor Sax and Taka on Baritone Sax. I wish I was there. Mummy and daddy were so proud of them and they played so beautifully. Well done, HIBIKI SAX QUARTET 😺

All this excitement is a bit too much for me. Time to rest and have a weeeee nap. Alfa’s turn next week. Hope she is able to sell a reed…..or two……hahahaha 😸😸😸