Sunday, 18 March 2018

Summer again !??

On Monday, we had so much rain and I felt it just like winter already….but we had lots of customers and phone calls – it’s always good thing J We saw a few familiar faces and new faces. Amongst the new faces was gentleman with an emergency sax repair. A musical artist, who is playing at Auckland Art Festival. He was from Argentina and he brought in his P. Mauriat soprano sax. Taka fixed the problems and the customer was very happy J

Also, three pre-loved instruments have arrived from Japan. Yamaha clarinet YCL450 and YCL650 and Yamaha tenor sax YAS380. Lots of new pads arrived from Italy and some goodies for repairs arrived from USA…and one surprise parcel has arrived from Argentina ! The parcel contains lots of samples such as ligatures, cleaning swabs, straps and a reed case - It was from a company called Vientos Bambú. It was so generous and Big thanks from the DR TOOT Team !

Tuesday was another busy day here and I made my first sale of the week - Our Yamaha tenor sax YTS480 has found a new home in Whakatane J The saxophone was delivered to the new owner just before his first lesson at school – Hope that he had an awesome lesson and he is enjoying playing it J

This week, daddy was busy with rehearsals with three different groups and my big sis, Zara wasn’t happy at all - He was out in the evening most of nights. The Manukau Symphony Orchestra (MSO) had a concert last night and daddy played the tuba. Mummy, Zara, and I are pleased to know the concert was a full house and went well J

After so much rain, we felt a bit cooler and maybe going to be a winter already ??? Nooooo, the summer has come back again !!! It was a nice weather here in Howick at the weekend.

This morning, we had an emergency saxophone repair booked in – the customer arrived around 9.30am and daddy fixed the issue quickly. All good J Then, another appointment was booked at 10.00am. Mother and son visited us for clarinet trials. He wanted to upgrade his ABS clarinet to a wooden clarinet. He liked the Yamaha clarinet YCL450, which arrived on Monday, and left here with the clarinet…Another happy customer and Happy Alfa J

After the appointments, mummy and daddy started cleaning up our driveway which was a bit wild recently due to the warm weather, weeds are growing up faster than usual. It looks very nice and tidy now…Well done, mummy and daddy !!!😸😸😸