Sunday, 11 March 2018

Zara Got the BIG ONE!!!

It’s been an interesting week for your favorite cat….ME. The boys and daddy have been working hard as usual in the repair shop. Taka has been working on a complete Repad / Overhaul on a vintage Yanagisawa Alto sax as well as the usual floud of instruments that steadily come through our shop and Masaru has been working on a variety of clarinets and saxophones. Daddy has been sticking with brass repairs and rebuild a very old vintage valve trombone that can be seen on our DR TOOT Facebook. Mummy comes into the workshop to take photos of everybody’s work and to make sure everybody is working. This is often my job, but I have been feeling a bit tired this week. So much to do and organize before Easter.πŸ™€

Everyday Alfa has been bothering me about sales. I have helped with many accessory sales but no instrument sales. Monday went by and no major sale….Tuesday…Wednesday… Thursday… Friday… Alfa was sing about Zara is a no sale cat…lalalalalala. I felts something was coming up, but I couldn’t put my paw on it.

On Friday morning a lady dropped off her son's saxophone for it’s annual service and talked about upgrading to a Selmer sax. The boy was already playing a Yamaha YAS62 with a 62 gooseneck, so he already had a great sax. But Selmers are Selmers. World class and BEST!!! Selmer Paris make a range of saxophones and they are all professional saxophones. They start with the Selmer Axos, Series 2, Series 3 and the Grandest of them all…The Selmer Paris Reference! The mother and son came to our home on Saturday and about 5.30 to try the Selmer Paris Reference. It was very much lake love at first sight. He was so very young but was at a grade 6 level and the way he played……well the sky was the limit. He was so very very very happy that his parents agreed to get it for him. A saxophone for life. It would be rude to talk about the price, but full details of the Selmer Paris saxophones are listed on our website. Maybe you could be next??? It was fair to say that Alfa stopped singing ‘’ Zara is a no Sale Cat’’.😸😸😸

I haven’t seen much of daddy this weekend because he has been in rehearsals with the Manukau Symphony Orchestra for their concert next weekend. See what I mean? So much is going on and I am so busy making sure everything gets done. Until next time my fans and followers…..