Monday, 2 April 2018

Something's in the air !

Wow, a very busy short week started on Monday…Zara and I saw that mummy and daddy started working early in the morning.

As Zara mentioned in her blog, some instruments have arrived from Japan. One of them was a Yamaha trumpet which was ordered by one of schools in Auckland. Daddy serviced it and the trumpet has left for the school Monday morning.

Mummy’s day started packing up a few repaired instruments and accessories which were sold in the weekend. Also, she was chasing up a couple of parcels from France…which were supposed to be delivered to us a few weeks ago ! Well, the parcels arrived safely and finally later afternoon 🙀

Where’s Tuesday gone ? The Team has been very busy with repairs on instruments from customers and servicing instruments for our own stock.

On Wednesday, another early start for mummy and daddy and they didn’t finish till before nearly 7.00pm. The family from Whangarei brought us a few different instruments (one of them was a Selmer Mark Vl alto sax!) and the mother tried a Briccialdi intermediate model flute at the show room upstairs.  She has fallen love with the sound like other customers who played and purchased the flute. Zara and I heard the sound and we put paws up 😸 The last intermediate model flute has left for Whangarei !

Before 8.00am, our first phone call in on Thursday. Then, a customer in neighborhood visited us just after 8.00am. She and her son saw our latest pre-loved clarinets which mummy listed on Wednesday. The popular Yamaha wooden clarinet YCL450 has found a new home in Pakuranga 😃

More instruments have arrived for repairs/services. The team has been very busy with repairs and mummy was busy with preparation for the Easter weekend. Yes, DR TOOT was a main sponsor of NZ Classical Saxophone Summer School in Lepperton, Taranaki, which was held over the weekend. Zara was not happy that we had to stay at a cat hotel…I didn’t mind at all….for me, it’s a big chance to meet other cats 😊

Well, we were dropped off at the cat hotel Friday morning. Just before arriving the cat hotel, everyone smelled very bad stinky air ! Hahaha…, my big sis Zara dropped a couple of big logs in her cage. It was sooo smelly and funny….Zara made her “I’m not happy” statement there 😊

We were picked up by mummy and daddy this afternoon and we are both very happy to be home. Zara again expressed how she felt about the whole ordeal and yes, you guessed it….another very stinky log lay in her travel cage. We enjoy the cat hotel, but our home is the best ! 👍👍👍