Sunday, 8 April 2018

We all have our moments…

Honestly, hasn’t Alfa anything better to talk about then my body motions??? Yes, I read Alfa’s blog from last week and she mentioned that I had a minor poo accident in my travel cage, to and from the cat hotel. As you all know, I am not a house cat. I travel far and wide to visit my people, cats and numerous fans. I really do not like using Alfa’s personal toilet. When we left early on Friday (Good Friday), I wasn’t ready and with all the excitement…..a little something from me..poooo, was left by me in my cage. Mummy and daddy came to pick me and Alfa on Monday, (Easter Monday), and again with all the excitement I left a little deposit in my cage. It was not necessary for Alfa to mention this to the world!!! I am not happy. If you didn’t read Alfa’s comments last week, then please ignore what I just wrote 😸

Well, here we go. As I mentioned, mummy and daddy picked us up from the cat hotel on Monday as they drove back from New Plymouth where they sponsored this years Classical Saxophone School. We were so happy to see them and I showed daddy how much I love him and how much I missed him. There is no place like home. My own bed…food dish and daddy's lap πŸ™€

On Tuesday morning, Daddy’s student came by with his grand daughter to pick up a flute that was previously bought from us a few weeks ago. She was so excited to have a new Briccialdi flute and delighted us all with some beautiful tunes. I love seeing the happy faces of customers after they have received an instrument from DR TOOT 😊😊😊. It’s a very common sight. It must have been a week for flutes because on Thursday a pre-loved Jupiter flute from DR TOOT has found a new home in Tauranga. Its all happening here under my watch 😽

The boys and daddy have been crazy busy with repairs. Many saxophones, flutes and clarinets repairs have been done. Just as well because on Tuesday 2 Yamaha tenor saxophones and 1 Buffet and 1 Yamaha clarinets also arrived as stock. One of the tenor saxophones have already found a home. No time ever wasted at DR TOOT !

Time to go. Very exciting news coming in a couple of weeks which I am looking forward to sharing with you. Meow for now....Queen Zara 😺😺😺