Sunday, 15 April 2018

Stay warm and dry...and Happy Tooting !

This week started as a beautiful autumn day here in Howick, Auckland….but it last only one day !

The next day, Tuesday, storm came suddenly. There was so heavy rain and strong wind !!! Zara and I did not like it at all. All trees and roses were swinging in the rain….Even Zara didn’t want to go outside…it means that I had to share my poo box with her. I think she is getting old and uses my poo box a lot lately 😿

Well, back to the business, one of our long term customers visited us and she purchased a newly arrived Yamaha tenor sax YTS62 with G1 neck 😊 She plays a soprano sax and alto sax and wanted to buy a tenor sax this time. She could not believe that the saxophone was pre-loved…it was like new 😎

Some brand new Briccialdi flutes arrived safely from Italy on Monday. One of Student Model flutes has already found a new home in Tauranga and left here after Taka checked over, set up and tested 🙀

The Team has been very busy going through lots of instruments. Masaru has been working on clarinets, Taka has been working on flutes and both are busy with saxophones. Daddy has been working on lots of brass instruments, and also cleaning and polishing instruments’ body and keys for the boys…Team work is important and key here…it is maybe lacking between me and Zara…ha !

Heavy rains, thunderstorms, lightning…we have gone through a lot this week. Mummy told me and Zara that some houses in Auckland still don’t have power. I, Princess Alfa, hope that all cats out there are fine and survived in the horrible weather 😺

Well, that’s about I think. School holidays have just started and the repairs still keep coming in. If your instrument needs a little TLC., now is a good time to see daddy and the boys. Stay dry till next time ! 😊😊😊