Sunday, 27 May 2018

Home Alone...with Zara !

As all you know…, my big sis, Zara was talking herself as usual last week. To be honest, it was a bit quiet last week…the efficient team caught up the repairs…BUT it suddenly turned up as a very busy week again !!!

It’s been funny weather here in Auckland. Heavy rain, sunshine, warm and cold….and cloudy..and rain again. Well, I am a house cat and happy to stay inside anyway….curled up by the heater JJJ

Lots of instruments arrived for repairs/services from everywhere in New Zealand. A bunch of brass instruments arrived from Hawera, Selmer Mark Vl alto sax from Levin, clarinet from Hamilton, trumpet from Queenstown…and a bunch of flutes from Auckland...etc.

The team also received a couple of wooden clarinets which had crack…due to the dry weather, it caused the crack. Like I cannot survive without food, the wooden clarinets cannot survive without oiling J

On Monday, a gooooorgeous pre-loved Yanagisawa bronze alto sax arrived from Japan. It’s been serviced, set up and tested by Taka and now looking for a new home.

Thursday, mummy had a phone call from Wanganui. It was from one of our customers, who purchased a Yamaha alto sax a few years ago. This time, he wanted to buy the Yanagisawa tenor sax T900μ. Yup, the tenor sax left for a new home in Wanganui J

Friday, the Yamaha trombone has found a house in Katikati. Then, we have received our first order for Kanstul instrument from Wellington ! Daddy had been communicating with one of trumpet players and he made a firm order of model 1070 silver plated trumpet.

Next day, daddy made a phone call to Jack at Kanstul and made a special order for the customer J Then, daddy and mummy and Taka left here about 6.30am for Hamilton. There was the 11th Hamilton Flute Festival. They displayed Briccialdi flutes and accessories. Came back around 6.30pm…Zara and I were soooooo hungry !!!

Again, today was the same…they left about the same time and came back around 7.30pm. Zara was crazy all day inside of the house…she didn’t like staying with me for two days…who cares J

Well, mummy and daddy came back with some flutes for repairs/services and even one of clarinets found a new home in Oamaru via our website….yaahhaaa, I am Alfa…Princess Alfa JJJ

Well, it’s better to off now…stay warm, everyone !!!