Monday, 4 June 2018

Happy Queens Birthday from Queen Zara and the other Queen

I would first like to say sorry to all my amazing followers for the late blog. It’s not my fault. Daddy was away for most of yesterday afternoon and I find it hard to type with my soft paws. Daddy says he remembered in the morning but had a brain freeze for the rest of the day…….ya right daddio 😎

It’s been a crazy week here at DR TOOT. Everyday was an adventure. On Monday, Daddy and Masaru went to Kings College to display a range of mouthpieces, straps, ligatures and other saxophone accessories. There was a bit of interest and we will just wait to see what they want.

On Tuesday the repair shop was buzzing with many flute repairs for Taka as a result of the weekends Flute Festival. Masaru was busy with clarinets and saxophones and Daddy was busy with trumpets, French horns and trombones. Mummy was just busy doing everything. We girls are always busy.

On Wednesday, while it was busy in the shop, daddy took off to a rehearsal of The Rodger Fox Big Band where he showed the musicians the amazing range of Kanstul Brass Instruments. The players were impressed and it was great to show off the instruments. Later on Wednesday daddy had his usual Howick Brass Band rehearsal working towards the National Brass Band Festival in July.

On Thursday It was all go in the workshop. Taka had to finish the rest of the flutes because he was having Friday off work. This was because his mum and dad were coming over to New Zealand from Japan to spend a few days with him. Sooooo sweeeet. I think Taka was a bit nervous and excited to see his parents. Thursday night, mummy and daddy went to visit daddy’s daughters on the shore. That meant that I had to spend another long evening with just Alfa for company…..not happy!!!!

On Friday it was just Daddy and Masaru in the workshop. Even though it was just 2 repairers, there was still so much work to be done. In the afternoon a customer who we do a lot of business with, popped in and purchased a Yamaha YTS62 Tenor Sax in silverplated finish. He tested it and got it for one of his many students. They are so lucky to have a teacher come in and test instruments for them.

On Saturday Mummy and Daddy were busy cleaning the house and doing a lot of food shopping but not Alfa food shopping. In the afternoon a customer came in and tried a lovely Yamaha Custom SE Clarinet and loved and bought it. She sounded so wonderful on it. I didn’t go upstairs because I respected their privacy. The reason mummy and daddy were out shopping for food, was because we did a special dinner party for Taka’s parents. Masaru came earlier to help daddy cook the roast lamb while mummy did a super desert. We were celebrating Taka’s parents visit and Taka getting his 3 year working visa.

Such a week and I am exhausted. We hope you have had a great weekend and relaxed a lot. Again….sorry for the delay but as you all know, its never my fault πŸ™€πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜½πŸ˜Ό