Sunday, 24 June 2018

It's a girl !!!

It was quiet for me this week…but other team members were busy as usual 😄

Thank you for all customers who visited us this week as instruments are keeping coming and going. Daddy, Masaru and Taka have been busy with repairs. Mummy is busy taking pictures of them (sometimes pictures of me and Zara) and puts on Instagram 😊

More Gonzalez reeds have arrived from Argentina….I, Alfa love these reeds….mummy and daddy always wonder why l love them….if I see them, I attack them…hehehehe, it’s something with rubber bands ! So, whenever Gonzalez reeds arrive, the office door is shut and I am not welcomed 🙀😹

This week, New Zealand had a very big good news – On Thursday, our prime minster, Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a girl ! Yup, it’s a girl. Somehow the New Zealand’s population is dominated by female. She left the hospital this morning and the baby’s name is Neve...mummy said it means “snow” in Italian. 😼

It’s been a pretty cold week this week. I love the heater 😸 I snuggle up next to it and rest my paws underneath it.  Zara can be a bit pushy at times. When I am resting next to it, Zara comes next to me and grooms me while slowly pushing me away from the heater so that she can have it all to herself.  I am not happy... It is fake kindness to get her way with things. I guess it doesn’t matter because in the end, I end up on my mummy which is nice and warm, while Zara ends up on daddy’s lap.

As you can tell from the way I am talking……I made no major sales this week 😴 But life isn’t always about sales! Many people have come to visit and admire my lovely fur and humble personality. For me, kindness and friendship is more important 😊😊😊