Sunday, 12 August 2018

Another milestone for daddy !

It’s been nice weather here in Auckland and the Team at DR TOOT has been busy as usual.

Everyday, different courier drivers come and go…pick and drop off. I watch them every moment and hope that someone might leave the front door open J  Zara is busy sleeping nowadays…just curled up at corner and snooooring…haha J  I visit mummy in the office and sometimes sit at the front of computer and remind her that I am more important than the keyboard !

Well, we had a big busy day on Wednesday. Yes, it was daddy’s birthday ! He turned 62. In the morning, we cerebrated together with a special lemon cake as he likes lemon curd J Also, it was an International Cat Day !!! Yes, lots of our cat friends around world cerebrated this day…

We were supposed to stay at the Loft Cattery this coming week, but we were told that Masaru would stay here and look after us…and of course, the shop J Taka, daddy and mummy are going to Wellington to have a stall at the NZ Concert Bands Festival – leaving here early morning on Friday and coming back on Sunday night. Masaru will be working on Friday at workshop….Yay, Zara and I don’t need to leave here J

Hope that everyone had a safe and sound weekend….have an awesome week from Alfa…your Princess Alfa J