Sunday, 30 December 2018

Merry Christmas Everybody....from Queen Zara!!!!

This year we decided to take more time off work than in previous years, which meant having Monday off.  The weather was very so-so and was a prelude on what was to come. Last minute buying of cat food and some other goodies were purchased on Monday. 

Alfa has been sleeping under the Christmas tree everyday since the tree was put up. I am not sure if it is because she is looking for a present or because she thinks she is a present. Anyways, on Christmas Eve we were both treated to a lovely meal which  dissolved within minutes of it arriving in our plates. Thanks Alfa.

Christmas morning arrived. A special breakfast for mummy and daddy and Alfa and me. The weather was….shocking!!!! We couldn’t go outside at all as the rain and wind were so strong. Mummy and daddy stayed inside all day watching Christmas movies on their  TV. Daddy and mummy talked to Kathryn who is in the UK. Christmas day in NZ and Christmas Eve in the UK. I don’t get it. New Zealand isn’t behind everyone in the world. We are ahead ! 

On Boxing Day a lady came to our home with her son to look and what new clarinets we had for sale. After a bit of time, the young boy fell in love with the Backun Clarinet. It was the Alpha model which Alfa believes was named after her. I don’t think so!! The Backun Clarinet sounds better and looks much better then Alfa. Nothing more needs to be said.

On Thursday it was back to normal. Whatever normal is at DR TOOT. Taka and Masaru had a good Christmas and were excited to get back to work….hahaha. Taka, still working on flutes and Masaru on saxophones. Daddy was still working on Brass instruments and has now completed all brass instruments. Mummy was kept busy invoicing and sending out orders.

Friday was a very busy day and the sun was out and starting to look like summer. Because it was the last working day of this year, we all had a BBQ dinner. We also celebrated Taka’s 23rd birthday as it was on Saturday 29th.

Saturday and today have been mummy and daddy stuff as we have been cooped up all day inside. We really don’t know what they are up to, but it doesn’t involve us and daddy doesn’t always share this to me. Well there are only 1 day left of this year which Alfa I am sure will share with you. 

I am looking forward in my views and heart filled thoughts with you in 2019. Happy New Year to you all and thank you for all your kind thoughts and wishes for me only 😸