Sunday, 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Tooting from the Team !

This week started with awesome summer weather. It was soooo busy on Monday ! Lots of phone calls and customers visited us. Zara and I were so amazed J We saw a few familiar faces…one of them was Selmer Paris artist, Michael Jamieson. It was so good to see him again !

One of pre-loved flutes found a new home in Wattles Down on Monday. The father came here to purchase it for his daughter…it will be a Christmas present for her. Zara and I wish that she will love it and it will bring her a lots of sweet memories J Also, another brand new Briccialdi flute has found a new home in Tauranga…cooool J

The weather seems to be still changeable…On Wednesday, we had thunder here again ! It was very frightening for me and I stayed in mummy’s office J Even though, a few customers visited us and one of them was a mother and son, who visited us on Tuesday. The son tried the Selmer Seles “Axos” alto saxophone and came back to purchase it - goody goody gumdrops gumdrops J

Then, another Selmer has found a new home in Auckland too. One of our customers, who tried the Series ll tenor sax the other day, came back and picked it up on Friday ! Oh, well…we have sold out all brand new Selmer Paris saxophones for the first time….see, I am Alfa, Princess Alfa…I make it happen J

Mummy had to order the Selmer Paris saxophones urgently…. and YES, they are coming - the Axos and Series lll alto saxes will be here by the end of January !!! Also, we have ordered the Reference 54 alto and tenor POA (Antique Finish) and bass clarinet - they would be here in March J

This week was the last week of before Christmas…more instruments have arrived for repairs and services from around the country. Also, more instruments have arrived from one of schools in Tauranga !

Friday after work, the team had drinks & nibbles J Of course, Zara and I joined the team ! Then, just before 7.00pm, a father, a mother and a daughter arrived at DR TOOT. The daughter wanted to try our pre-loved Hans Hoyer French Horn ! The French Horn had a few interests but she tried it and loved the sounds…well, they left here with the horn J

We will have a 5 days off work and back on the 27th and 28th ! We wish you all Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Tooting !!! Have a safe and relaxing holidays JJJ