Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy PURRRRRRFECT Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day. A few years ago mummy and daddy sent me away to have an operation so that I couldn’t have kittens. But just because I didn’t have kittens of my own, does not mean that I am not a mother. You all remember Rico. He was such a baby when he came into our lives and I looked after him and mothered him. I gave him 100% of my love and taught him right from wrong and that’s what makes me a good parent and mummy. Now we have Alfa…she is a paw full but I still love and I will clean, teach and look out for her as I did for Rico. She deserves a good mum and I am that mum!!!

This week has been an interesting one. In the one week, DR.TOOT has become an agent for two different companies. Firstly, we are the NZ agents for ISHIMORI which has the famous Wood Stone line of thumb hooks, thumb rests, and many accessories. Mummy and daddy are very excited about this and have already placed an order to Japan.  The next agency they have is for the equally famous Gonzalez Reeds from Argentina. These reeds are amazing and are all hand made for clarinets and saxophones. Mummy and daddy are just finalizing an order that should go off soon. This really is just too exciting for one cat to handle. Alfa and I will keep all of you posted on how things are going. Otherwise you can always check up on our website or better still go to Facebook and like DR TOOT J.

Our beautiful 1955, Silver Selmer MKVI Alto Sax has found a new home in Japan. In Japan they really appreciate good quality musical instruments and things. That’s why mummy really appreciates my daddy. Some say that daddy is pretty special and different. That’s why mummy and I love him.

Time to lick my paws and clean my face. It has been a long day and now it’s time to have a cat nap.  Good night all. Hope you all have a wonderful sleep. Think of me…sharing a big cushion with Alfa…not happy…not happy.