Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mummy's Little Secretary

Auckland is having a strange weather – sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, cloudy and very windy.  Even my big sister Zara does not like a windy day.  At least, it was a sunny and nice autumn day today, and I could go outside (backyard)….with leash…meeeawwooow, yep, I still have to have a leash J

At DR TOOT, you can see lots of courier cars coming and going everyday.  Monday morning, a parcel was dropped off.  Mummy and daddy…especially daddy was so excited to see it.  The parcel was from Wellington and it was an old saxophone called Selmer Balanced Action.  I heard that it was born in 1939…..ummmm, even much older than daddy !  This alto sax will be having a major surgery by daddy.  Mummy, Zara and I are wondering how it will be…

One of our customers who is an Auckland Uni student came to drop off her Powell flute.  A couple of days later, she came back to pick it up and I heard she was testing….it was beautiful sound.  She was so happy with her flute…daddy, you’ve got magic hands J 

The first shipment from Ishimori in Japan is arriving soon.  Mummy and daddy are excited about the new WoodStone products - thumb rests and thumb hooks for saxophones.  Ummmm, honestly I don’t know anything about them, I am just a cat…still kitten J BUT, I must tell you….I’ve heard that they are quite amazing products.  In New Zealand (where I live), they will be available at only DR TOOT….how cooooool is that ? JJJ

Mummy has been organizing a new website.  This time, she has asked a professional help.  So, DR TOOT will have a flash website with online shopping !  Of course, I will be on the website…………and Zara too…but Not for Sale ;-)