Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hey Daddy….What about Me?!!

It’s a busy time here in my little world. Daddy as always seems busy in his workshop, mummy in her office and Alfa trying to look important and useful. I am a very calm and relaxed cat. I like things just the way they are. My food dish in the right place,  my little red blanket where I sleep in the right place and would love to see more of my daddy.

Daddy this week seems to have little time for me. Early in the week he received a clarinet from a customer in Tokoroa. He had daddy work on his clarinet when daddy was in Mt. Roskill, Mt. Eden, Ponsonby and in Takapuna. Now in Howick, he has asked my daddy, (DR TOOT) to completely overhaul it and bring it back to life. It now looks great with new pads and corks. WOW!

Then daddy was busy looking after this saxophone he is rebuilding and in-between that, he sold a lovely looking Yamaha alto sax YAS 24II to a nice family in Tauranga. Then back to more repairs and teaching. Not much time for me it seems. Always so busy…. 

Mummy and Daddy are very excited because our first shipment of Ishimori Woodstone saxophone thumb hooks and rests have arrived in from Japan. They look so shiny in silver, brass, satin and gold.  They are designed to make playing the saxophone more comfortable. Mummy is at the moment taking pictures of them for our Facebook and Trademe. I think they look cool. Mummy has been very busy too. She is very busy working on our new website. This means heaps of work and time left alone without interruptions. Oh dear….

Lastly, Daddy was in a concert yesterday with the AWO. The hall was full and a few members came back to our place for drinks and nibbles. During this time, daddy was showing some of them the workshop and the different instruments he was working on. Alfa and I too went in to keep them company. When daddy was finished, he didn’t know that Alfa and I were still in there and locked the two of us in the shop. He didn’t notice us missing until the people left. I wonder sometimes if daddy really even notices me. It is my job this coming week to make an impression on him. I will let you know next time how I got on  J