Sunday, 3 June 2012

I am Alfa...I am cute !

Wow, Zara and I saw lots of human (customers) at DR TOOT this week.  They brought in saxophones, flutes clarinets, trumpets for services and repairs.  Or, a couple of people walked away with our pre-loved instruments.  Some customers said that I am so cute…YES JJJ

A beautiful Yanagisawa alto sax 902 and a Yamaha wooden clarinet 350 have found a new home in Auckland.  Also, Yanagisawa baritone sax has found a new owner in Christchurch.  Mummy and daddy seem to be very happy, and now they are looking for more instruments to purchase from Japan

They also are purchasing other new products for a new website, which has got an online shopping.  Lots of accessories will be available on our website.  Wow, it sounds DR TOOT will be busier and busier….no wonder Zara was complaining about it last week.  Well, I understand the situation and I am a good girl.  So, I support mummy and daddy always J

We welcome a new homestay student from Japan this week.  She is from Osaka and a 17 year-old.  Also she thinks that I am cute…YES JJJ