Sunday, 10 June 2012

Queen for the day

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Queen Zara here. I trust you all enjoyed having last Monday off work. Somebody said that it was the Queen of England’s birthday, but my friends in the know, know better. I didn’t ask for any more attention then I usually get, and only asked that Alfa keeps her distance from me. She is becoming too familiar and doesn’t really appreciate who I am. I am not one to blow my own trumpet….or tuba, but I am Queen Zara. Enough said!!

This week as always has been a busy one at Dr.Toot. Mummy is still working on our new website. She is taking many pictures of accessories and is hoping to have everything completed by the end of this month. She is so busy that sometimes it’s daddy who feeds us and not mummy. Daddy is busy too, but mummy seems to always work longer and harder. Please don’t share this news with daddy. He gets a bit thingy sometimes.

It’s been a very social week this week as well. On Friday evening, two people came over and had dinner with us. As you know, we have a lovely homestay student staying with us. Her name is Yukako. She is from Japan and is very sweet and very kind to me. This proves that she has good taste. So altogether we had five people at the table. So many people were talking and laughing. There was one thing that upset me a little. The lady who came, said that Alfa was a beautiful cat and had such lovely markings. I stayed upstairs for most of the evening. I’m sure that is she saw more of me, then she would have had a different opinion.

Last night a good friend of daddy’s and mummy’s came for dinner and stayed the night. He stayed in the livingroom. That was fine, but, when he got up to…you know…he used the bathroom that we sleep in and woke us up. Can’t a girl get a little privacy???!!!

Great week coming ahead. More instruments from Japan, accessories from overseas, and hopefully our Gonzalez reed shipment from Argentina. The reeds might arrive the following week. Lets see. As you know, daddy has been working very hard on this Selmer 1939 Alto sax. He is hoping to have it completed by this Thursday and send down to Wellington. I know that somebody there will be very, very excited!!

It’s time to catch up on some very overdue sleep.  Be good, be careful, Happy Tooting to you J