Sunday, 17 June 2012

Patience and more patience…

If you live at DR TOOT, you have to be very patient.   Mummy and daddy are always at home, but always busy working.  So, they sometimes forget my biscuits or they cannot play with me all the time.  Well, I’ve got my big sister Zara, so I am OK.  If I get board, I attack her…fufufufufu J

This week, lots of courier vans came to DR TOOT – dropped off lots of parcels and picked up lots of instruments and accessories.  One of parcels was from Japan.  A beautiful Yamaha alto saxophone YAS62ll and a Yamaha flute 358llH have arrived. Lots of flute pads, clarinet pads and saxophone pads arrived from Italy, and lots of accessories arrived from Australia

One day, I got up as usual and I felt my left eye was different.  It was itchy and I could not open my eye clearly.  I told mummy and daddy that I could not see…they left it one day and my left eye seemed to be better.  Then, the next day, they saw that my eye was still not normal.  So, mummy took me to the Howick Vets.   My eye was infected and I had to get some cream to put in my eye.  I hated the cream…I had to have it three time a day.  Oh, dear….It was horrible. 

A couple of days later, my eye was back to normal.  So, I am so happy to open my eye again J  Ah, my vet said to me and mummy, I am a beautiful kitten…and gorgeous…YES J  Ah, I got on a bus for the first time !!!  I told that to Zara, and she was very jealous…fufufufufu.  Because mummy does not drive and I was heavy for her to carry back home J  It was a short trip, but I had fun !

Our pre-loved Bach professional trumpet has found a new home in Auckland.  A lucky eleven year-old boy, who has his birthday today, has got it as a birthday present.  Happy Birthday, James !!!  We wish you well and hope enjoy playing the trumpet J